Saturday, 12 October 2013

Headed to my favourite state Virginia

There is no way that I could visit the US and not visit with my dear friend who lives in Virginia.
We were university buddies, and our lives were thrown together as a result of events, that now looking back, I'm glad that we both experienced.  It made us stronger.
This is where my bus would take visit her and her family in Virginia.

Standing in line at the bus stop...
I was worried about my travel partner, since there was no sign of him, and it was already 1.40pm. Thankfully, he arrived in the nick of time to get on the bus.

I ran into the Cafe on the corner to buy a snack and some water for the bus trip.
Once again, I was traveling by the Vamoose Bus Company (DC Trails), a well-run, efficient, friendly, customer-oriented company. They run a tight ship, no folly, and I like that.
The buses are clean, and the drivers take you safely to and from your destination. You book a ticket online on their website for your intended destination, and you show up on time like you're told, and it's all good.
They travel to NYC, Bethesda, Maryland, Arlington and Lorton.

And then we were off.... 
I spent lots of time just looking at the scenery as we drove past, and was so relaxed that I forgot I had a camera on my lap.

 A very full parking garage/storage area

 Delaware Toll

More tolls along the way

 I didn't take as many photos as I should have to document the trip, but 5-1/2 hours later we finally arrived at our destination.

 It was now dusk time, but when I saw Wisconsin Avenue, I knew that we were almost there.


  1. My only thought was to wonder if the bus had a toilet or whether there were plenty of loo stops. The advantage of a bus journey is, of course, that you can see many things which you never see when driving. However......

  2. Of yes, there is a toilet on the bus, discreetly tucked away at the back. I had the opportunity to use it, and it was very clean and sanitary.


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