Wednesday, 7 June 2017

A Pub for Birthday Grub

Today is a special's my birthday.
As usual daughter dear and myself went out for lunch and a little shopping.
Today we decided that instead of trying out a new restaurant which we normally do, we would visit one of our old favourites.....Fisherman's Pub.
 We drove to Speightstown, a little town in the north of the island and celebrated this old girl at the infamous Fisherman's Pub.

Situated at the water's edge in a calm inlet, the pub is always filled with locals and visitors alike...they all come for the great food and the friendly service.
 Daughter Dear making a careful selection.
The Menu of genuine Bajan cuisine is extensive and it can be hard to choose.
 This local down to earth eaterie was once a rum shop and catered mostly to fishermen in this northern town.
With 81 years and counting, it's as Bajan as can be.

 The Bar is well stocked.

My lunch plate....yes there are two flying fish on my is for you know who.
Daughter's lunch plate.

 I snapped a few photos from our seaside table during lunch.
Looking towards the south...Speightstown mural wall in the background.
 The jetty
 Calm waters with a few intermittent splashy waves that gave us a few sprinkles.
 The Speightstown Esplanade
 We had parked in the St. Peter's Church yard (Anglican)
 Back home to feed Mr. Brownbie and  have a little rest....he enjoyed his fish and a generous tummy rub from daughter dear.
 Daughter dear baked me a Red Velvet Cake.....
 ......and some cheesy plantain tuna roll darn delicious and very "more-ish" as we say here on the island.
The cute little card in the background is from my friend GB.
It says: "Young at heart....slightly older in other places!!!"
 I had a wonderful's always nice to spend time with my daughter and today was simply wonderful.
To top it all off, I received so many calls and messages and audio recordings of birthday wishes.
Will someone ....anyone.....PLEEEEEASE tell my friends that they can't sing...not even to save their lives? Love you all but every year you put me through this ritual of personal Happy Birthday you all so much, the singing...not so much.
My friend Paul took the safe route and brought me mini strawberry singing involved....he is very smart.
Thank you Nat and thanks to all of my good friends for making my special day really special.
We'll do it again next year.

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