Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The last of the rogue heliconias

The heliconias I had planted in the side garden bed had grown with wild abandon and had taken over the entire bed.....and had also migrated into my herb garden....yet AGAIN!!
I complained about them already here.
 The flowers were beautiful but they were out of control....it was time for them to go.

They were not going without a fight however....those brutes gave me a really HARD TIME to dig them out.
The rhizomes had spread thickly and their mat-like growth was tough and tedious for my two (yes, I said two) garden forks to pierce through.
It was a chore that took me several days to complete.

The rogue heliconias from hell sure did give me a run for my money to uproot them....I think I even heard their maniacal laughter as I continued to sweat and dig....sweat and dig....sweat and dig.
True gardeners will understand when I say that I had to stop several times to change my soaking wet clothing in between every few clumps I managed to dig up.

How could such a pretty plant be such a beast throwing its weight about in the garden?

The soil was nice and dark and looked quite healthy and maybe that's why they grew so rampant.

Thank goodness I had a plant swap and another plant swap where I could donate them to others....but with a stern warning to be careful with their growth habit.
Even though I was glad to get rid of the heliconias, I am going to miss their flowers....maybe I'll consider growing a few special ones in a pot to keep them contained....yes I think that's what I'll do, but in the meantime what should I plant in their just vacated space?
Stay tuned.

Monday, 28 September 2015

A date with my friend the Moon

I had a special date last night...a date with a special friend that lights up my life every night.
My date had sent me a special invitation to see him in all his glory in the performance of his life.
"I will be conducting my Super Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Blood Moon display for the whole world to see.  You have to attend this special performance, my partners the Sun and the Earth will also be performing, I couldn't do it without them. I haven't performed this show since 1982 and  I won't be doing it again until 2033," he told me.
Wow I was impressed, I couldn't wait to attend.
All week long the anticipation was killing me, several reminders popped into my Inbox like this one.
My friend The Moon did not disappoint.

On stage at the scheduled time, he began his show and dance number as a Super Moon (bigger and brighter and closer to Earth than usual), displaying his creativity and talent for all to see.
At first he started out slow as if shy, but then as the eclipse show progressed, he burst into a resplendent blood red hue which held my gaze for a while.
 Super Blood Moon - a rare astronomical event

The bright twinkling stars in the sky were his backup dancers but tonight they paled in comparison.
By the time it was all over, he was back to his usual self.
 What a show!!!  Outstanding!!!   Bravo!!! Bravo!!
The link below will explain how special this performance was.

To see pictures of the Blood Moon around the world click here.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Open your ear and hear

That saying has been said many times over and over by the actors in the African movies that I became addicted to many years ago.
For the past few days my sweet boy Brownie had been shaking his ears so violently that I thought his head would fall off.
He would be okay and then all of a sudden he would just start this wild shaking of his ears, as if he were trying to dislodge a bug that may be inside.
I cleaned both ears and checked them both but nothing came to light.
I know ear mites move around more at night but he was shaking during the day as well.
My vet is an old-school vet and in the past he had recommended Mineral Oil to be placed in Brownie's ears if he started scratching his ears....the oil suffocates the mites....it always worked....it didn't this time though.
Brownie then started trying to get his entire foot into his ear while he was scratching his ears....he looked miserable.
Ear infections are not to be played around with...they can result in deafness if not treated properly.
It was a nasty itch that's for sure....I'd had enough and I'm sure he had too.
Today we took a ride down to see our favourite vet.
 Are you sure I'm just going to have my ears checked?

This building looks so different...are you sure we're the right place?

...and those animal statues atop the wall....are you really sure Mum?
Yes Brownie, we are at the right place...remember there is a new building now.

I lifted him out of the vehicle and headed inside to our usual warm welcome.
We waited our turn with four playful puppies and a cute little dog that had sprained its back.
The good old doc checked Brownie's ears thoroughly...he didn't see anything in there but they were a bit red from all the scratching.
He prescribed an antibiotic ointment....and the first dose was applied immediately.
Otomax ointment is a combination steroid, antibacterial, and antifungal ear medication labeled for otic use in dogs only.
Prescribed twice a day for 7 days.
I figured since we were already there I'd have the anal glands expressed as well....easy peasy.
No sooner than the bill was paid did many more patients arrive in dire need of medical attention.
 ...and so the good doc hustled back inside....
....after turning to wave us goodbye.

Until next time.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Pumpkin Carrot Ginger Soup

Daughter dear has been fighting an awful cold for a few days, so I decided to make some hot soup to help with the healing process.
I love a hot soup.....one that fills your innards and warms you up immediately.....just the thing for a cold day, but in this instance it was a coldy coughy mucusy day.
Into the pot of water went:
a large piece of pumpkin cut into small pieces
2 large carrots cut into small pieces
a big piece of fresh ginger peeled and cut into small pieces .....throw the large leftover piece that is full of strands into the pot as well.
one large onion sliced
several sprigs of fresh Guyanese thyme...strip the leaves off (regular thyme can be used)
one tablespoon of Bajan seasoning (minced blend of herbs)
one tablespoon of salt
one tablespoon of sunflower oil.
Cook everything till nice and tender.  Remove the large piece of ginger.
Pour the well cooked veggies (with the water) into the blender in batches and blend until smooth ...about 2 minutes per batch.
Your reward?  Nice creamy tasty soup fit for a king/queen.
Reheat and garnish with fresh herbs and serve with Italian herbal crackers.
Yummy yummy yummy and will warm you up or knock that dreaded cold out of your system....presto!!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

We miss you

The hardest part wasn't losing you,
 it was learning to live without you.

One year already.....can't believe how fast the time has gone by....we miss you.

Monday, 21 September 2015

The St. Stephen's Church Fair 2015

Saturday afternoon found me surrounded by beautiful plants "assisting" my girlfriend in the plant stall at the church fair.
To be honest I was feeling so weary from the heat and from all the running around I had done in the morning that I wasn't as helpful as I could have been.

I sat in an oasis of beauty...many church members (including me) had donated plants to the cause and there were many to choose from.

The plant stall resembled a plant nursery with prices to suit every pocket.

This beautiful rose did not last long and went home with a delighted new owner.

The day was hot as usual and as the sun settled into its afternoon ritual, it shone down on us with an intensity that continues to amaze me....where does it find all the energy to engulf us with such heat day after day after day?  Don't answer that I already know the answer, but still...the heat was unbearable.  If it were a rainy afternoon I guess I'd be making a noise about that too.

Truth be told, I'm happy it was a beautiful bright sunshiny afternoon.....but we also had a welcome quick rain shower to cool the afternoon down a bit.

The fair was held in the church's car park with lots of stalls and entertainment for the kiddies.

There was a bouncy slide...........

....and a choo choo train.

Lots of food stalls
The kids enjoyed this GameMatrix mobile video game bus.
Who am I fooling...I saw some adults going in as well.
The Diabetes Association Bus was there too.
There were many stalls including clothes, variety, books, tombola, and also a children's stall with the biggest lucky dips I have ever seen in my life, but my favourite stall was the Sweet Treats stall above where I purchased some cupcakes and sugar cakes for daughter dear and I to share.
The DJ played a wonderful selection of music and the resident clown kept the children entertained all evening. 
Several groups of dancers and other musical performers, including a young steel pannist kept us all happy for the afternoon.

This year's St. Stephen's Church Grand Fair was held in aid of the Parish Centre Project.
It sure was a wonderful evening.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Thankful Thursday

I don't usually write a Thankful Thursday post but today I need to....I have so much to be thankful for today.
It's almost a year ago that Steve left us but he lives with us every single day.
Today I thank God for his mercies and his tender loving care and for protecting my daughter from harm.
Early in the wee morning hours (around 3.30am to be exact) someone tried to break into her dad's home where she now resides as she lay sleeping.
Thank goodness she was roused awake from a deep slumber (I just know it was her dad) to be able to realise what was happening before it was too late.
The intruder ran off when she shouted at him.
This story could have had a different ending, but like I said, I am so very very thankful that she is okay....a bit shook up, but definitely okay.

Sunday, 13 September 2015


Brazen and his crew are growing in numbers.
Yesterday, one of his female members came out to show off her newborn baby....I didn't even realise that she was pregnant.....gosh another one added to the troop, soon their numbers will be back up to what it was before.
Always full of mischief, one of the youngsters took great care that I saw him climb down the Japanese fern tree and snatch my only flowering orchid off its branch and threw it on the ground....my beautiful purple orchid.  I pretended not to care, I didn't want him to know how much I had been enjoying its beauty everyday and that he had hurt me by damaging it.  They're very spiteful creatures and he would go after my other favourite plants as well.

As I have stated before, our Bajan monkeys all have the same bad habit....they pick a fruit, bite it and casually discard it.
My neighbour's mango tree is laden with mangoes....huge mangoes....Brazen and crew are having a good time.
This means that the mangoes are too big for them to carry.
They ran through the garden yesterday morning and dropped a half-eaten mango.
The birds soon discovered its presence.

The sparrows came first
Then came the doves.

Heck, they all gathered around and shared the happy meal. 
No bickering, no squabbling, no grabbing, no chasing each other away.

They all ate throughout the day.

By evening, it was well pecked........
...........with hardly any left.
If the birds know how to share with each other, why can't we as mankind share with each other and make this a better world?

Saturday, 12 September 2015


....the rains came..........

...........and fell and fell and fell........
........and now the earth has been quenched.....finally.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Posh Gosh

Republic Bank at Limegrove Lifestyle Centre

One day last week (maybe Thursday), I decided to skip the lines of my city bank and try a branch on the outskirts instead.
I found myself at the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre branch, and boy oh boy was I in for a treat.
As I have written before, Limegrove is situated on the Platinum coast of the island....the coast of the rich and the famous.
From the outside of the building it just looked as if I were entering a bank away from the noise and the hustle and bustle of the city.
Surprise! Surprise! When I stepped up to the entrance door, it was swished open by a well dressed guard with impeccable manners.
"Good Morning Ma'am!"
Upon my word I almost fainted, not only the warm greeting but he continued, "How are you today? What business will you be transacting with us today?"
When I told him just a deposit, he walked over to the service  number dispenser and handed me a plastic number....no machine dispensing paper numbers my friends, but a nice plastic number that felt good in my hand and made me feel as I was coming to do some serious banking business.
Next he ushered me to the lobby waiting area.
I could not believe my eyes.
No lines or roped up queues in this bank my friends...no no noooo!!!
I was not allowed to take photos, but picture this if you will.
An entire lobby (where the queue would normally be) filled with several large seagrass chairs adorned with comfortable plush cushions and pillows.  A big screen tv on the wall (newscast on) not loud but just barely audible not to be disturbing.
Cool colours on the walls, nice lighting, as well as several potted plants in metal pots with hammered patterns all gave a zen-like atmosphere.
Customers like myself were sitting and relaxing awaiting their number to be called.
I almost felt as if at any minute I would be served a cup of Earl Grey tea and crumpets with clotted cream.
I could not help but look around and take it all in.
In the ATM area were two ambient pendant lights with one hanging directly above the little table used to fill out deposits.
Soon my number was called and the guard appeared beside me, and said "It's your turn Ma'am," with a smile.
As I approached the smiling teller I realised that all the guys were smartly dressed in suits and ties.
Oh dear be still my heart...well dressed tellers who were ready and happy to serve me with a smile....what more could I ask for?
My transaction was completed in a timely manner and then I was asked "Is there anything else I can help you with today Ma'am?"
Wow, "No thanks." I said.
"Okay have a good day Ma'am."
"You too," I replied and headed out the door after looking around just one last time.
I think I like this posh gosh bourgeoisie branch...like Arnold says "I'll be back!"

Monday, 7 September 2015

Batts Rock Beach again - The Stone Sculptures

The last time I visited Batts Rock Beach on a beautiful Sunday morning, I had my companion Brownie with me, however yesterday morning's visit I was all alone.

The beach is at the bottom of a wooded hill which looks rather forlorn on the drive down, but when you arrive at the end of the sloping road and emerge from under the dark canopy of trees you are rewarded with sparkling blue water that knocks you back for six.

The beach was already full of beach goers enjoying themselves swimming, snorkeling, fishing and boating on the vibrant ribbon of blue speckled with sunlight flecks.
The sand still had some remnants of the sargassum seaweed that has plagued our beautiful beaches for months. 
 The sand also had other interesting "things" lying around.
  Wait a minute......
 .....for a second I thought Brownie had stowed away in the jeep when I saw these paw prints.
I was "killing some time" while my pc techie friend who lives nearby completed some updating programs on my tablet and laptop.
I had heard about "the stone sculptures" and wanted to see them for myself.

Some parts of the beach are littered with coral stones worn smooth by the sea, a wide selection to choose from. 
 As I walked along the many stones, I thought I spied something in the distance.

Yes, the first sculptures on the upper level of the beach above the tide line came into view.
Clambering up the small incline, I found myself standing before these incredible pieces of art.
Wow....Someone with an amazing talent and patience had created these beautiful pieces on the sand.
They resembled a gathering of some sort almost like a village Town Hall meeting in the outdoors or maybe a group of just landed aliens with the tall one in the back saying "Take me to your leader."

I stood for a while in amazement looking at the detailed work.

But then curiosity got the best of me, I gingerly lifted a stone from the top of one of the sculptures and it lifted easily, no glue or binding agent to hold it together at all, yet it sat perfectly atop the sculpture....I replaced it carefully, and continued to stare in amazement.

 Each stone had been placed strategically to sit atop each other "just so" without tumbling over.
 Looking around the beach, I saw many more creations dotted all around the sand.

This one looks like giving someone the finger.

I began to wonder.
Who was this artist that had created these lovely rustic pieces on the beach?  Was he a regular beach goer or was he some wandering soul just sitting to rest under the shady trees and letting his creative mind take flight.
I did a little searching online and I found out that his name is Philip King, and it's a hobby.
Another blogger has written his story here....The man behind the stone
It was time to go....I retraced my steps and took a few last photos.

Yes Carl the abandoned steps are still there.

The lifeguard was on duty sitting reading his Sunday Sun newspaper.

As I climbed into Beast, I wondered when would be the next time I would have the chance to visit again....let's hope that the next time would be soon, and that I will have my companion in tow, although he may find it appropriate to christen all the beautiful stone pieces.....hmmmm....maybe not.
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