Monday, 27 June 2016

New Babies (Plants)

Well what'dya know...Plant Swap #4 rolled up on me like a thief in the night.
I had the date in my mental file (my old noggin) and I knew it was later in the month and I also knew that the day and time had changed, but yet when the day dawned, I still wasn't as prepared as I should have been.
Needless to say I took all the potted plants I had prepared and a few cuttings from my favourite jasmines and herbs along to the swap.
Would you believe I also had baby pink ginger lilies to share???
Our Facebook group Barbados Garden Lovers is like a family and I always enjoy the company of these kindred plant much information to learn and to share with each other.
It was a wonderful evening.
 My new plant babies.
Or should I say "rediscovered" plants...since I used to have these in my collection before.

 White Bleeding Heart (Clerodendrum thomsoniae) and a few cactus cuttings.
 Sugar Apple (Annona squamosa)
I hope Brazen and crew allow me to get a few when it bears fruit this time around. This was one of the fruit trees I cut down
 previously as the monkeys were getting the fruit before me.
Papaw (Papaya) seedlings.
I chose two since I have no way of knowing if one may be a male...the male plants do not bear fruit.
I had so much fun that I only remembered to take two photos, and since the faces are included I will not be posting them here.
Now that the rains have finally settled in and the drought is no more I am excited to be planting new babies in my garden.
I've lost a lot of grass from the lawn and some other mature plants have suffered terribly but I believe that with some tender loving care they can be saved.
Lots of work to be done to whip the garden back in shape but I'm ready.....GAME ON!!!
Thanks to another great plant swap I am armed and ready.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Recycling of a different kind

Yesterday when I visited my girlfriend at work I had a little time on my hands.
Across the street from her workplace is an attraction that I had never had the opportunity to visit but had always wanted to do so.

The man behind its conception  Dr. Lawrence "Lance" Bannister is now deceased (October 1, 2015) but his creative handiwork lives on.
 Dr. Lawrence Blair "Lance" Bannister's Iron Gardens.
Located at Perry Gap, Roebuck Street, St. Michael.
Dr. Bannister was a medical practitioner by profession but he was also a poet and a dairy farmer as well a metal works artist.

When I think about it "Lance" as he was affectionately known, really was the first Bajan to embrace recycling before it became popular, and back in those days he was thought to be a bit eccentric.
I am in awe at his talent of transforming scrap metal mostly from old abandoned vehicles into beautiful works of art.
I didn't have time to go inside so I had a peek from outside instead. 
Peering through the beautiful metal adorned many items can you see?

As a child growing up, my dad and Dr. Bannister were friends and we enjoyed visits to his home.
I wonder how much more fun we would have had if the garden was the garden of today?

The magnificent horse sculpture.
His creativity and dedication to his hobby led to the birth of many amazing metal sculptures.

These photos of this large horse reminded me of The Trojan Horse of Greek mythology fame.
They also reminded me of a scary story my dad told us once about him driving home alone one night, when he saw a large horse blocking the entire road with it's tail hanging over one side and his head hanging over the opposite side of the road nibbling at the tree tops.  Said he heard a voice asking him where he thought he was going?  My dad had been out having a few drinks with friends so my Mum told us it was rubbish and sent us off to bed.

The creativity of a self-taught metalwork artist.

Inside the garden are quite a few sculptures, some of which are mobile sculptures made from all kinds of  scrap metal.

Dr. Bannister's artwork is also on display in other is a link to a critique on one of his pieces "Equus" and another link on the same piece.
His ingenuity knew no bounds.  Displayed at our local Foursquare Rum Distillery is a childrens ferris wheel in the play area also lovingly created by him.

I have made myself a promise that I will return to explore this wonderful garden with all its treasures sometime soon.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

A basket of love and appreciation

Today dawned bright and beautiful and I knew immediately that it was going to be a good day.
For breakfast I baked a banana bread with 3 bananas that were hanging around in the fruit basket with nowhere to go.
Then I had an idea....I wanted to thank my girlfriend Dawn for loaning me her shoes on Sunday....can you guess what I was up to?

The birth of a basket of love and appreciation.

Filling it with breakfast break time goodies.
Two lovely pink ginger lilies from the garden in a pretty vase to cheer up her desk.
 A big surprise!!
I was so happy that I could bring a huge smile to her face. 
Her smile became even HUGER when she saw Carl who had accompanied me to her office....need I say that lots of hugs and laughter ensued.  Our circle of friends are true kindred spirits and we love each other as family.
Thanks Dawn for  being my friend!!!

Monday, 20 June 2016

Father's Day Luncheon 2016

My old church St. Stephen's is known for hosting a lovely Father's Day Luncheon every year and this year was no exception.
Held at the St. Leonard's Boys' School Hall, we all had a lovely afternoon of great food, entertainment and family fun.
This year the event was a blend of celebrations....first it was the 180th Anniversary of St. Stephen's and also the celebration of our country's 50th year of Independence (1966 - 2016)
The decorations and the music by DJ Earth Sounds all reflected this.

My girlfriend Dawn can be quite naughty sometimes and when my old reverend (Rev. Canon George Harewood) came over to our table to say hello, he knew my face but couldn't quite place it.
"She is one of your old communicants that has run away to another church!!"  my friend Dawn cried out.
I looked at her incredulously...why does she like to put me on the spot like that?
"My daughter and I are attending Christ the King together, she likes it there," I simply said, while giving my girlfriend a healthy slap on her forearm.
"Don't worry Rev you will still be seeing me," I told him.
"Okay then," he said "I hope so" and he hugged me and moved on to the next table.
I gave Dawn a LOOK and then we both laughed.

I must say that the luncheon was a well-planned event (as always) because there are many volunteers and my girlfriend Sonia who insists on inviting myself and Dawn is instrumental in making sure that it is a special day for the dads.
I am forever in awe at how well everything flows and I can appreciate the amount of work that goes into planning such a large event since I enjoy event planning as well.
The luncheon menu started off with a tasty cream of pumpkin and ginger soup that was so good.
My plate...Veggie Rice, Macaroni Cheese Pie, Pineapple Sweet Potato, Potato Salad, Pickled Breadfruit, Coleslaw, Garden Salad, Fresh Seasonal steamed vegs, Baked BBQ Chicken, Fried Fillet of Fish and a couple slices of Baked Ham (for you know who.)
This was accompanied by a lovely glass of white wine.
Dessert came home with me and was enjoyed later with my bedtime drink.

 Joshua Holder serenading the diners with some cool classy music.

 ACE Dance Centre dancers
 A lovely couple danced a Rumba number
 The Graffiti Band with Kareem Agard played a wide selection of music.
Ladies I know you understand the photo above really well.  A new pair of shoes I have never worn but stored away for an occasion such as this.. I got dressed and put them on and sashayed out of the house when my girlfriend picked me up.  You know how the story goes right?  Arrived at the event and started to walk to the school hall and lo and behold I heard a PLOP!! and the next thing I know the bottom heel of the left shoe has fallen off and I am walking on the top half only.  Thank goodness my girlfriend keeps a pair of spare shoes in her car like me and our feet are basically the same size.
Back in the good old days shoes never came apart like this, we could wear shoes forever and ever till we no longer wanted them anymore. These days we have to beg our shoes to give us at least a years worth of wearing. 

Apart from the shoe fiasco, I had a wonderful afternoon...a really wonderful afternoon... I am already looking forward to next year's celebration.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Basil Herbal Tea

Boy oh boy do my true friends know me well.
My girlfriend Eureka sent over some basil flowers last week.  She had shared her basil herbal tea recipe with me before and I had enjoyed it immensely.
 Cinnamon, lemon, lime and Italian basil flower heads

 Boiled up a big pot of water and when it was bubbling hot, I turned the stove off and dumped the flower heads inside to steep.
Left it for the entire day.

 Later (about 8 hours later) I strained off that delicious goodness, added one tablespoon of sugar for good measure and stored it on the fridge.
Good for internal cleansing and as a tonic for the body. 
Served ice cold it was oh sooo GOOD.
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