Wednesday, 7 June 2017

A Pub for Birthday Grub

Today is a special's my birthday.
As usual daughter dear and myself went out for lunch and a little shopping.
Today we decided that instead of trying out a new restaurant which we normally do, we would visit one of our old favourites.....Fisherman's Pub.
 We drove to Speightstown, a little town in the north of the island and celebrated this old girl at the infamous Fisherman's Pub.

Situated at the water's edge in a calm inlet, the pub is always filled with locals and visitors alike...they all come for the great food and the friendly service.
 Daughter Dear making a careful selection.
The Menu of genuine Bajan cuisine is extensive and it can be hard to choose.
 This local down to earth eaterie was once a rum shop and catered mostly to fishermen in this northern town.
With 81 years and counting, it's as Bajan as can be.

 The Bar is well stocked.

My lunch plate....yes there are two flying fish on my is for you know who.
Daughter's lunch plate.

 I snapped a few photos from our seaside table during lunch.
Looking towards the south...Speightstown mural wall in the background.
 The jetty
 Calm waters with a few intermittent splashy waves that gave us a few sprinkles.
 The Speightstown Esplanade
 We had parked in the St. Peter's Church yard (Anglican)
 Back home to feed Mr. Brownbie and  have a little rest....he enjoyed his fish and a generous tummy rub from daughter dear.
 Daughter dear baked me a Red Velvet Cake.....
 ......and some cheesy plantain tuna roll darn delicious and very "more-ish" as we say here on the island.
The cute little card in the background is from my friend GB.
It says: "Young at heart....slightly older in other places!!!"
 I had a wonderful's always nice to spend time with my daughter and today was simply wonderful.
To top it all off, I received so many calls and messages and audio recordings of birthday wishes.
Will someone ....anyone.....PLEEEEEASE tell my friends that they can't sing...not even to save their lives? Love you all but every year you put me through this ritual of personal Happy Birthday you all so much, the singing...not so much.
My friend Paul took the safe route and brought me mini strawberry singing involved....he is very smart.
Thank you Nat and thanks to all of my good friends for making my special day really special.
We'll do it again next year.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

The Celtic Festival Barbados Parade

 The Celtic Festival Barbados flyer dropped into my Inbox a few weeks ago and I made a note to add the parade to my jaunt day activities glad I did.
My love for music and learning all about different cultures was satisfied in one go.
The staging point for the parade was the car park of the General Post Office in the city.
When I arrived I immediately felt the pulse of excitement generated by the spectators on hand.
The parade route was from the post office through the city via Broad Street and finishing up at National Heroes Square.
 Waiting patiently to begin the parade.
It was just before the 10am start and it was already hot hot hot.......the massed pipe band members had their water bottles at the ready.
 The Barbados Defence Force Band members were also waiting patiently.

 The Royal Barbados Police Force Band members were also waiting patiently.
  ...until finally the official welcome.
Lieutenant Colonel Glyne Grannum, Chief of Staff of the Barbados Defence Force giving the welcome opening remarks.
I'm not sure why he wasn't in his official uniform for the ceremony.
 The Royal Barbados Police Band led the procession.
They quickly moved off.....
 ........followed by the Barbados Defence Force Band....
.......which followed closely behind.....
 ....with a quick step to catch up to the Police Band.
 Then it was the turn of the massed pipes band...
 ....who were on the move in a jiffy......
 ....and then it was hard to catch up with those fast-moving bagpipers who caught me off guard with their speedy footsteps.
 A video that captures the atmosphere.

It was kinda hard to jostle other "photographers" since everyone has cell phone cameras these days and each one of them is a photographer at heart.
 Checking the online registration I learned that this massed pipes band gracing our shores was made up of members from Scotland, Ireland, Australia, USA, France, South Africa, Canada, Switzerland and Sweden.
I loved the idea of being a member of a worldwide group such as this and meeting up with other members to visit countries worldwide to share such great music.
 Loved seeing the ladies doing their thing too.

 Parade advancing via Lower Broad Street.

A music rest between numbers.

Coming up to Nelson statue at the top of Broad Street.

 Arrival at National Heroes Square - Cenotaph and the Fountain in the background.
National Heroes Square - Parliament Buildings in the background
 Welcoming remarks by the Massed Pipes band leader.


 Various kilts all depicting different areas.
 Tons of water was on hand.

 It was lovely to hear the fusion of bagpipes and the other instruments.
All the spectators were enjoying themselves...tapping their feet and clapping along.


 The clock on the Parliament Building tower struck 10.30am bringing the event to an end.
 With that the crowd took the opportunity to mingle and take photos with the band members.
 Lots of questions were asked and answered.
 A needed water break.

Soon it was time to head off to their next performance.

"The Barbados Celtic Festival celebrates the links between Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Nova Scotia and the Gallic regions in Europe."

Pipefest - The Home of Massed Pipe Bands website here.
Pipefest Itinerary here.
Facebook link here.
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