Sunday, 30 March 2014

Quiet Sunday??

Sundays are the most peaceful and relaxing days for me.  It's the day when I potter around with my patio plants, maybe fix a scrumptious Sunday lunch, watch movies, or have myself a self-pampering day.
Walking the garden this morning, I discovered more flowering beauties.
 White tree orchids

My never-ending blooming purple orchid
In each of those folds a flower appears, and it seems I have missed the first two.

On the patio, I transplanted a few plants and did some minor trimming of dead leaves.

After any sickness, my mum would give us a good scrub, (to get rid of any remnants of the illness) and this ritual has followed me throughout my life.

Brownie is on the mend and I thought it best to give him a good scrub as well.
No sooner had I finished drying him off and hanging his towel to dry in the sunshine....

....when there was a loud CRASHHHHH!!!
Not having any idea what it could be and remembering another loud BANG a couple of months ago, I ventured to the front gate where I saw many of my neighbours staring dumbfounded at this sight.

What the freakety frack????

I was transfixed.....I could not believe what I was seeing.

Believe it or not, the driver is okay with not a single scratch, but how on earth did he get that jeep up on my neighbour's wall like that, and walk away okay....except he is a stuntman......he is a very lucky guy to have survived that impact.
The news reporters and the tow truck were soon at the scene.

Thank goodness for small mercies.....things were quiet on the home front and it was time for lunch....which we both enjoyed.

 Here is my boy relaxing in the doorway after lunch and after his bath.

Friday, 28 March 2014

I am back home

Hi all, I am back home with Mum safe and sound and recuperating with rest and medication from my friendly vet.
I had not been feeling the best but I did not want to alarm Mum.  She saw me licking away continuously at my private parts, but I didn't want her to know I was in pain.
Wednesday morning however, she was dismayed when she saw drops of blood all over the floor....she immediately turned me upside down and saw that my poor "thingy dingy" was the source.
 She scooped me up like a brand new baby and bundled me into the jeep and we quickly drove to the vets.
Her face was so worried, as she explained to my doctor what the problem was.
"Don't you worry my dear, we will look after your son," he told her with a reassuring hug.
Mum was still quite concerned, as the other lady doctor came in to give a second opinion....I like her, Mum calls her Doctor Joy, even though her name is Joy-Anne.
Once again, the dreaded question they both addressed to Mum, "Did he get at any rat bait?"
"No, not from my property, but I did find a piece of samosa on the lawn a couple of days ago, which I believe may have been thrown over my wall.  As soon as he picked it up, I made him drop it again."
"We will check him out thoroughly, don't worry,"....... and with that a syringe appeared from nowhere and I was sedated.
I remember Mum walking me to the medical room, but that was all I remember.
While I was in la-la land I underwent a thorough exam and X-ray, and it was discovered that my prostate was swollen and a bit infected.  With the possibility of poison in my system I was immediately put on antibiotics and Vitamin K.
My teeth were also cleaned and my nails trimmed while I was out of very thoughtful.
 Mum came home and was beside herself with worry....she told me that her sanity saver was to cook a big pot of veggie soup.
Not much sleep for her that night, and she stayed up most of the night watching CNN with news reports of the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.
Yesterday, she called the vets to check up on me.  I was okay but they wanted to make sure that everything was fine and under control. 
Mum brought me some lunch and my pal Mousee to keep me company, but I didn't feel like eating at all. We walked around outside the kennel, and then she kissed me goodbye, and told me I'd be back home with her the next day. The vet wanted to monitor me for a while longer.
He also suggested that if my prostate did not settle down, I may have to be neutered....what????
I made sure that I had a good talk with my prostate that night and told it to get on the healing track right away.  So said, so done.
Another restless night for Mum.
I knew she called early today to check on me, and they told her that she could come and take me home.
Boy that place was noisy with so many dogs all wanting to be heard....I don't know if I could have stayed a minute longer.
Mum did not come empty handed to collect me.  Her gratitude was expressed with a fruit cake and juices for the veterinary staff who took such excellent care of me.
And to prove that I am really back, here are some photos of me relaxing under the side table after a "cowboy bath" and some chicken lunch.

It's good to be back home.
I think Mum will have a peaceful sleep tonight.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

It's just not the same

The day is done, and the night has crept in, but I know that I am in for another restless night.
You see, I rushed my dear boy to the vet yesterday for emergency care.  After a thorough examination it was determined that he needed to stay to make sure the medication was working.
Last night was agony not having him here.  I missed the pitter patter of paws walking on the floor, I missed his sudden appearance when I opened the pantry door this alone....breakfast for one.

Today was just today.
I did not feel like gardening or doing any household sanity saver was to make a big pot of veggie soup.
Around lunchtime I placed my second call to the vet....."I will bring his lunch over, he does not like chow."
"Yes, we found that out, you can come over, he'll be glad to see you."
A quick drive to take his lunch, but he did not eat, he preferred to snap at a fly that had invaded his kennel.
On a leash we walked outside into the sunshine where he sniffed and marked every tree and blade of grass that he wanted to.
He still was not in an eating mood.  I think the noise of the other dogs may have had him on edge... I had taken him one of his favourite meals.....maybe he'll eat later.
I wiped his eyes, and softly told him that he'll be back home with me tomorrow, and to continue getting better.....that I missed him.
He promptly marched back into his kennel and lied down with his friend Mousee.
Tomorrow he'll be given the all-clear and I will monitor him at home until he is 100 percent again.
I miss him being's just not the same.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Yesterday Sunday

Sunday, for me, is usually a quiet and restful day, but yesterday I was busy as a bee working outdoors.
I found myself painting and cleaning and doing quite a few maintenance jobs in the area outside of my kitchen door.  Photos will follow in another post, but rest assured it was a project that was long overdue.
During the morning I did take a break to prepare Sunday lunch, since daughter dear was at home.

Whole wheat chowmein noodles, along with soya protein granules, bok choy, bora bora beans and a tin of peas and carrots.

The stir-fry medley

Everybody in the pan
When everything was finished cooking, it was all mixed together with the al dente whole wheat chowmein.

Fried plantains were a great accompaniment
Veggie Chowmein stir-fry with granburger and a tad of gravy, plantains, cucumber and cole slaw.
Served on what I refer to as a "portion control" plate, since I don't like to cover the floral pattern on the plate, there is less food on the plate.....I don't eat that much anyway.
Lunch was tasty, but as soon as I was finished, it was back outside to work some more on my project.
A project that will take a while since the product takes two weeks to dry thoroughly before it can be painted. 
Can you wait that long to find out????

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Me and my new Puppy

Last Saturday, Mum went to her old school's Flea Market and brought me a new friend.....his name is Puppy.
After I tried unsuccessfully to bite his plastic button nose off, Mum became worried that it may come apart in my mouth so she cut it off and stitched it back up.
 Here we are enjoying the breeze wafting through the front door.

 His head makes a good pillow for my after lunch siesta

 I have no idea why this photo looks like there is green mould on the wall by my water bowl...Mum keeps the house clean.

Monkee and my other friends are having a siesta too.
I like how the curtain blows across my face as it moves to and fro in the and fro in the and fro in......and fro in the the breeze......
I'm dozing off, catch up with you next time.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Another new friend

Well what do you know, I've just realised that an entire week has gone by since my last post.  How on earth did that happen?
I have been working hard trying to complete a few chores that were left over from the spring pressure washing the two roof decks upstairs.  It seems as if the dreadful black mould grows more vicious every year.
Remember I told you I was in the market for a pressure washer...well I've had my new friend for over three months now and I'm very pleased with its performance.

I spent two days working on the decks.....not entire days mind you, since I couldn't complete the job the first day because my neighbour who sleeps late, had his laundry on the line (I think he washed the night before).  I could have just as easily finish the job off on day one, but it meant I would have dirtied his laundry hanging on his line when the debris was flying all over from the pressure washing.  It doesn't matter that he moved into the neighbourhood and does not speak to anyone, I couldn't find myself being that bad minded, so I put off finishing the job until yesterday.

Early Wednesday morning was the first day on the job.

The hose needed to reach the upper level, so a knot was placed on the end and thrown up on to the roof deck.

 I had to make sure that the hose was connected properly to the washer by squeezing the trigger to make sure the water was flowing steadily.
 The deck is pretty big , and my extension cord came in quite handy for making the connection to the electrical socket.
 The job to be completed is the large black square at the top right which overlooks my neighbour's back yard.

Getting it all off.

Naturally after completing the decks, I figured I may as well give the upstairs patio and the driveway a once over as know how that goes.....then it was the front inside wall....and then the walkway at the side of the house where I fell back in 2012 because of the same slippery mould.....won't be happening this year's all clean thanks to my new friend.
 Karcher electric high pressure washer

Designed  especially for our local power supply which happens to be 110V (50 Hz).

It was a tiring day, (my back could tell the tale) but my friend Paul passed by, and when he saw me working so hard he brought me lunch from his lunch was a kind and thoughtful gesture....thanks Paul!!

Friday, 14 March 2014

You have old stuff!!

Where have I heard those words before??
Oh yes, almost every time I visit a store for a replacement part, I am told that the items I want to replace are old and are not in production anymore.
First it was my plumbing fittings, then my spray can, and now my sewing machine bulb.
I recently found myself working on some alterations on my sewing machine, when suddenly the bulb just went out.
I don't recall ever changing the bulb in my sewing machine over all the years that I have had it.
Time to get a new bulb.
Ventured into the city to my favourite sewing notions store, but they were out of stock.  This meant I had to visit another store, the one where the owner is short on manners.  I don't like spending my money with rude people, but sometimes it can't be helped.
Amazingly, when I said "Good Morning", he grudgingly replied.

I showed him my old bulb, and he smiled......yes he actually smiled....and then he said quite loudly,
"YOU have OLD stuff!!!"
I blinked in disbelief, "What?"
"They don't make bulbs like that anymore, that is a big bulb from years ago, they are now a smaller size."
He showed me the new and improved bulb and assured me that the base was the same size and that it would fit my Singer machine.
Thanked him and made my purchase.  It must be noted that the item was priced $7.99, but when I handed him $8.00, he did not give me back my change of one cent.  I queried this and he reminded me that soon there would be no cents circulating in our local currency since the Barbados government was getting rid of the one cent piece (penny). 
But who was he to start the ball rolling? I decided not to stand my ground since it was just one cent, and he is notorious for making customers lose their cool.  It's always some ignoramus trying to steal my joy.....however on the other hand.......
The bulb was a perfect fit.
I'm not sure if this new and improved bulb will last as long as my old bulb, but if it does, do you think I'll hear those words again "YOU have OLD stuff!" when it's time to be replaced?
Also see here for more information on the removal of the one cent coin.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Brownie and Big Blue Rat on a HOTT day

My boy BrownBerts loves to run around in the back garden after lunch.

Today he took his pal Big Blue Rat with him, but he didn't stay very long.

 Big Blue Rat let's chill out here for a while.......

  .....under the shade of these palm trees.......'s not that cool at all.......

 .....Gosh it's 28 degrees Celcius (82.4 degrees Fahrenheit)

 That is flipping HOTT  my friend

Time to head back inside.....are you coming Big Blue Rat?
We might melt out here......hurry up.

Monday, 10 March 2014

The Weather Forecasters Club

Apparently I am now a member of an exclusive group....I didn't apply, I paid no membership fees, nor was I coerced to join, but......I am now a bona fide member of The Weather Forecasters Club.
What on earth is she yapping about now, I can hear you asking...well I shall tell you....don't rush me, you know I have to explain it all to you.

One day last week, I don't remember the exact day, I had spent a considerable time working outside and bending constantly to remove debris from trimming back the palms and shrubs out front.
You know how we old folks are, we still think we can get everything done that we are accustomed to doing but also in the same quick time like "once upon a time."
Are you with me yet???
Okay, so I spent an entire morning working and feeling quite good about my progress.  After a leisurely lunch, I decided I would return outside to finish up the job.
Putting on my crocs, I attempted to walk through the door, only to feel my right knee about to collapse under me.  It was quite a funny painful sensation,....... you are about to put one foot in front of the other to walk, and your knee refuses to do so.
By now I'm upset because I want to finish up the job outside, but my knee is saying "no can do."

Time to administer some heat.  I didn't feel like rubbing a heated liniment on my knee, so I opted for a large belladonna plaster which had been residing in my first-aid box for the longest while.
I wasn't even sure if it still was any good, but a few minutes after placing it on my knee, it was on fire and the heat was penetrating at a rapid rate.
I spent the rest of the evening relaxing with my right foot elevated and watching tv.

The night was cold and the rain fell for most of the night.....a weather symptom that was not forecasted.

Speaking to some of my crazy friends the following day, I was laughed at, and many exclaimed,
"Wait you now feeling the first stages of arthritis.....well my dear welcome to "The Club!"
"The Club?" I asked.
"Yes, The Weather Forecasters Club my dear, whenever the weather is going to be cold and rainy, your joints always know before the weathermen....your joints will let you know in no uncertain terms that cold wet weather is on the way......again I say Welcome to The Club!!"
They seemed elated to welcome another new member, but I couldn't believe my ears, this old age thing was becoming quite ridiculous, what next I wondered?

Believe it or not, my knee was in tip top shape the following day, with no pain, and I was able to finish off my pruning job outside.

So I'm now a member of "The Club." 
Anytime you need to know about the weather, give me a shout and I'll check in with my knee for you. 

Stop that laughter...I don't find this at all funny.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Saturday on the road

Celebrated annually on 8 March, the 2014 theme for International Women’s Day is: “Equality for women is progress for all”.  - See more at:
Celebrated annually on 8 March, the 2014 theme for International Women’s Day is: “Equality for women is progress for all”.  - See more at:
Celebrated annually on 8 March, the 2014 theme for International Women’s Day is: “Equality for women is progress for all”.  - See more at:

Yesterday........ a bright beautiful sunny day.........International Women's Day.

Google's doodle tribute to International Women's Day

Celebrated every year on March 8th, it has been in existence for 100 years....a day for us women to be proud of.  This year's theme "Inspiring Change."

With it being my jaunt day, I set off from home, not to attend any rallies, nor the Sandy Lane Gold Cup Horse Race 2014, but to check out an advertised sale at one of our local home centers.....what a BIGG disappointment.  They should have saved themselves the trouble of "trying" to have an "Under the Tent" sale, which usually means great discounts and low low prices.  The sale had none of these criteria, and the prices quoted could easily have been labeled "Keep the Items on the Shelf" prices.  Nothing was purchased by yours truly....obviously.

I stopped at the supermarket to recycle my bottles and do a little shopping before heading off to my girlfriend's house for an overdue visit.

It is always a treat to visit with her, because she has a garden filled with wonderful plants and herbs, and there is always something new to see.
It was impossible to take photos of all the fabulous-ness, because the sun was high in the sky and the glare was incredible, but here are a few fairly decent photos to whet your appetite.

 Bromeliad flowering away in a quiet shady corner

Crowns of thorns in various colours

Geraniums trailing over the pot

Various succulents mingling with more fancy bromeliads

Hydrangeas - yes she has accomplished the never before feat of having large flower head hydrangeas growing on this tropical island in the heat....incredible.

Beautiful blooming orchids.....I have this one too and it is a steady bloomer throughout the year

In the shade house....greenery every where
There is my girlfriend Joyce in the back pulling off spent leaves from a philodendron

Anthuriums nestled among coconut husks on the floor of the shade house

Some of her herbs and vegetables planted in plastic containers
A HUGE staghorn fern specimen attached to a mango tree

Cordylines,  Lady of the night, Ixoras, Mandevillas and Palms together have become family at the side of her home.
Lovely red heliconia at the entrance to the shade house
Red Chinaman's Hat in all its fiery glory

Gerberas - she loves gerberas but not many blooms today since the bed had just been thinned out for new specimens
Large pink Desert Roses
Thanks to her never-ending generosity, (Thank you Joyce!) I came away with several baby plants and cuttings to "hatch" for a new section in my garden.  The rains will be here soon, and I need to get a move on.

On the way home a much needed KFC drive-thru stop to purchase a scrumptious piece of chicken for you know who.

He has been a good boy for the entire week, and he deserved a treat after what he has been through this week.

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