Monday, 24 October 2016

"Digestion...How the Body Works" Seminar

I can't believe that I've had this post in Draft format from last year....I had been meaning to post it when I had some additional information but I received the info ages ago....where does the time go?
It was only when I saw an invite for another upcoming seminar that I realised that I hadn't posted this one.
Brain Fog at its best.
Actually to be honest I have about 40 draft posts sitting in my Blogger Pending folder awaiting my attention, not good at all.
So with no further ado Let's finish this "better late than never" post.
I know I've told you before that I love using healing herbs and old time remedies for any maladies that I may experience with my body.
My bookshelf is filled with several herbal books and homeopathic medicinal literature ranging from Back to Eden to Miracle Medicine Herbs....I've been collecting them over the years and they're the first books I reach for when encountering something wrong with my body or one of my friends that may ask me to research their malady.  With the internet these days it's even easier to source information more readily but one must be careful about some of the information circulating on the internet...some bad and some good.
I love the whole holistic, mind, body and spirit connection so much that my friends will invariably call me up like a "doctor on call" with various health queries.
When this email invitation popped into my Inbox back in October last year (2015) I immediately called and requested a ticket.
I have been purchasing health products over the years from Dr.Kelly's stores and they have always been the best.
Arriving at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Convention Centre venue, I was pleased to see that many others had decided to attend.  The conference room was soon filled to capacity.
"Nick" as he is affectionately called spoke for over an hour and explained exactly how Digestion in the body works.....I thought I knew quite a bit beforehand but I learned so much more.....much much more.

A couple of points are worth repeating here:

The body has three cycles.
Appropriation - Noon - 8pm
Points to remember: Finish all meals by 8pm. No late night snacks. Don't combine proteins and carbohydrates.
Assimilation - 8pm - 4am
Points to remember: Rest/Sleep. Cells take in nutrition and process it....the remainder become toxins.
Elimination - 4am - Noon
Don't drink hot drinks that will aid the body to reabsorb toxins. Don't exercise or be stressed in any way. Eat fresh fruits. No big breakfast to divert energy. Remember that 100,000,000,000,000 cells are trying to dump toxins into the lymphatic system which takes a lot of energy. 

Digestion starts before we eat.
When we see, smell or even think about food, anticipation causes the hypothalamus to secrete hormones that start the digestion process. That's why it's best to chew our food to liquid instead of juicing our foods.
The Digestion Steps:
1.The Mouth - Amylase in saliva is secreted in the mouth to break down carbohydrates
2. The Stomach - Food stays in the stomach for about 1 hour in the pre-digestive stage.
3. Duodenum - Chyme from the stomach arrives in the Duodenum
4. Jejenum
4. Absorption -Nutrition from digested food is absorbed and delivered to the cells.
5. Large Intestine (Colon) - Last stage of the journey where the food that was not absorbed moves into the large intestine and the remaining moisture is absorbed before being evacuated as waste (excreta).

Foods We Should Avoid
Refined Sugars
Refined Flour, Rice and Grains
Irradiated Foods
Stored Foods
Over-cooked Foods
Caffeinated and Carbonated Drinks
Chemically treated Foods
Genetically Modified Foods

Beneficial Foods
Raw Foods
Whole Grains, Nuts, Seeds (not wheat, barley or rye)
Cold pressed Oils
Organic Foods
Free range meats and eggs
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Plenty of filtered or bottled water

Did you know that.....
60% of your immune system resides in the gut.
60 - 80% of your neuro-transmitters are manufactured in the gut, so if your gut is toxic so is your brain...hence Brain Fog.
The gut wall is only one cell thick so is easily compromised leading to Leaky Gut Syndrome.
Leaky Gut Syndrome is caused by:
Heavy metals
Environmental Toxins
Anything that affects the liver.

Don't forget our STRESSful lifestyle is also a compounding factor to all toxins.

 After the lecture was finished, we were introduced to the Non-Linear Bio Analysis machine which "uses ultra high frequencies to detect energetic stress right down to the DNA level."

The technology was developed in Russia and was initially used on the Russian cosmonauts on the International Space Station.  There are only 67 of these machines in the world and Dr.Kelly has three of them at his Natural Medical Centre.

I found a youtube video here that gives an idea of how it works.
More info on the Magnetic Resonance Bio-Analyzer from the Natural Awakenings website here.

I was lucky to be one of the first 100 attending the seminar to be gifted with a free bottle of Complete Digestion enzymes.

I am looking forward to the upcoming seminar which will be "Improve Your Health & Extend Your Life For Free or Very Little Cost!"
Of course I'll write a post afterwards...hopefully it won't take as long as this one.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Waste not Want not

Outside is dry and HOTT.
The fruit trees are empty...what tree wants to bear fruit in this extreme heat?
The neighborhood fruit trees are empty.
Brazen and crew have resorted to eating the green pods from the river tamarind trees (Leucaena leucocephala).
They're definitely down to their last option and very hungry when they begin munching on those weed trees.
Betcha they all wish they had some of those mangoes that they bit and threw into my garden right about now.
Earlier this year.

I could walk my garden any given morning and there would be discarded fruit thrown hither thither and yon.

Brazen and crew love sitting on the back wall to enjoy their breakfast of mangoes or any other fruit they can find.

One would think that they would eat the entire fruit especially if it's ripe......
.....but NOOOO.  They love taking a bite or two and then tossing it to the ground.

It seems such a waste.

Why they have this wasteful habit I don't know.

If I had found that delicious ripe mango on a tree, I would gobble it all up.

Now Brazen Monkey and his crew have to resort to eating trashy weedy  trees .  That's all they can find to eat.
Serves them right too.  Betcha they're wishing with all their might that they could find a ripe mango or two these days.
Tough luck.
They need to learn Waste Not Want Not.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Going Once! Going Twice!!


Yesterday my jaunt destination was only a stone's throw from my home.
An auction was being held at one of the warehouses on the Industrial Park compound.
No need to disturb Beast from his rest in the garage at all. I took a leisurely stroll across the street leaving him at home.
As usual viewing was from 9am and the auction sale started at 10am.
I know I have written before about our local Auctioneers having their own following....and Mr.Auctioneer Andy is in a class of his own. He is a jovial friendly guy and being a homeboy he is liked by all, hence his auctions are always well attended.
Let me point out here that Bajan auctions are not conducted like regular auctions....they are so VERY different.
It's a combination of a "meet and greet" with a circus flair which in turn leads to much fun and laughter during the event.
No registering, no paddles, just everyone milling around and having fun.
Sometimes it gets a bit noisy and the Auctioneer shouts, "Quiet Please!"  All of two seconds later folks are chatting away again. I've come to realise that the big spenders are the ones creating the most noise.
Speaking of "the following", there is always someone selling drinks and lovely eats by the door and folks come in eating and drinking and being quite merry.  They know not to view the items while eating but once the last mouthful is swallowed, hands are wiped, cups and soda bottles are discarded and a serious "let's get down to business" look appears on their faces. 
Their mission now is to seek out any item that may appeal to them or some interested party (yes there are some serious absentee bidders as well).
This is followed by an intense ritual that can only be described as a serious "touchy feely" inspection of all of the displayed items.
This is done with mirth and seriousness at the same time.  Every item is studied carefully.  Other bidders are watched closely at an angle to ascertain whether they are also interested in what may have caught their eye....this is serious business folks!!....the predator dance has begun.
Many discussions are held mainly for some bidders to sway others from bidding on that particular item.
"Man dat guine tek nuff work to mek dat look good again!  I telling you!"
Later on in the auction, the swayer can be seen bidding on said item while the swayee sits with a dismayed look on their face. Sometimes the swayee jumps in and then a real bidding war starts....that is always lots of fun.
Several "Disputes" also take place and then the poor Auctioneer has to make things right by making sure there is a fair bidding outcome.
After walking around and inspecting the merchandise, I settled into a comfy chair near the door and in the pathway of a fan that had been set up to keep the Auctioneer cool.
 The merchandise was a mix of new and contemporary stuff interspersed with "old time"/vintage items from the good old days. 
 "All Items Sold As Is....No Returns"
A few minutes before 10am after the terms and conditions were announced, we were off and running down the rabbit hole.
Auctioneer Andy's PA System went bum so he resorted to his own loud voice.

Speaking of 'Old time" you know what this is?

Here is a close up......give up?   It's an old hot water bottle.
I learn so much when I attend these auctions...I make a point of learning something new every single day so this is a perfect example of doing so.

Here is an old well made it almost had me fooled.
The gentleman next to me was explaining to his friend that he could purchase it and turn it into a small portable

Old stoneware Conaree jar...also here.
Old time Harbour Police Rum bottle made by Doorly's Barbados a highly sought after collectible item by spirit connoisseurs.
Had I known this I would have bid on this item and made a killing on

All kinds of items from plastic dishware to the old time "jukking board" leaning against the wall.
This was used to wash clothes in a deep wash pan in the older days.
I had my eye on the mirror but the bidding war went too high.

Large comfy chairs....beautiful lamps....home decor items.

So many items to choose from.

Older appliances that still work great and put the newer ones to shame.
Look at this lovely painting.
Did I say painting?   It's actually an embroidered masterpiece.

Here are the closeups......

Can you see the individual stitches?   Wow how long that must have taken....such love and dedication, not to mention a HUGE amount of patience. I don't have that kind of patience that's for sure.
What a beautiful outcome....I'm truly impressed.

These rain barrels also caught my eye, but since I already have a water collection tank, I left them for others to bid on.

I left around 1pm to go home and feed the hungry mongrel and myself, and went straight back afterwards.
By 5pm it was all over.
What did I buy?  Nada.
I am at present conducting a huge purge of unnecessary items from my home, so no need to bring anything else in.  I only buy  NEEDED items.
I enjoyed my day.  I saw some old friends and had some lovely chats and enjoyed many jokes too (too hott for this blog to be retold here).
Everything but three items I believe were sold but afterwards folks (especially the late comers) negotiate with the Auctioneer for these items.
A Bajan auction day....who could ask for more...I had a great time.

Saturday, 8 October 2016


 It seems as if I have been shedding tears for the entire month of September.
Losing my male friends one by one by one has taken a toll on me and has made me take a philosophical stance to life now more than ever. 
Today was a day of reflection for me.
Last Saturday afternoon I attended the funeral of  my friend Doyle.
We were neighbourhood friends with a lot in common in our interests, music and friends.
We found ourselves going to events with each other until folks thought we were a couple....we might have been, but I won't tell.
He had a smile a mile wide and could "outlaugh" you after telling a good joke.
His charming smile and warm demeanor made you feel very comfortable in his presence, as if you could share all your innermost secrets with him.
He was a no-nonsense guy and whenever we girls were out enjoying ourselves we felt safe with him around. 
The trouble-makers always kept their distance and never attempted to approach any of us girls while Doyle was in the midst.
Speaking of our interest in music, he was an Earth Wind & Fire fan and we "carried our own key" to many of our favourite songs long before karaoke was born. 
I vividly remember one night at a party of a mutual friend as we sat chatting away while we had our dinner. "Fantasy" by EWF spilled out from the cassette deck in the living room and then we started singing intuitively, he taking the intro and me picking up the second verse and both of us thrilling out the chorus at the top of our voices and hitting those high notes in perfect key, till everyone was staring at us enjoying ourselves and then they all joined in, it was so much fun that night.
The years rolled on by.   Life took over but we still ran into each other every so often.
Then I went overseas to pursue my studies and when I returned we both had different life objectives...we somehow grew apart....too busy with life to be busy as friends.
When I received the news of his illness, it made me sad...another vibrant soul leaving us behind.
Soon he was gone, but I will always have fond memories of him.
To you my friend, may you soar to new adventures singing all the way.
I will miss you.

"As you glide in your stride
with the wind as you fly away
Give a smile from your lips and say
Are you free....yes I'm free
And I'm on my way."    Earth Wind & Fire "Fantasy"
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