Tuesday, 25 December 2018

A Merry Christmas to all!!

Merry Christmas to all!!!
Wishing everyone a wonderful and blessed festive season.
Yes, Mum insisted I wear these ridiculous reindeer antlers for my photo....so degrading.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Four years ago

December 16, 1955 - September 22, 2014
Four years ago.......you went away.....missing you so very much.
The most doting dad in the world.
I took this photo of him playing airplane with Nat...lying there contentedly lifting her above his head repeatedly while she laughed and cooed...their bond unbreakable.
We gathered the prettiest blooms from the garden and went to his grave on Saturday....our family chain complete for those moments we stood there talking to him....he will always be in our hearts.

Bathsheba - A Relaxing Weekend Part 5 - Our Last Day

May 1st...May Day bank holiday...and here I was saying goodbye to Bathsheba....my home for the last three days.
We had to take one last long morning stroll.

The early light of dawn was waking up the seashore for a new day.
Wake up sleepyhead...it's a new day.
Another day of life....another day to be truly thankful for.
New clouds for a new day
New bracing breezes and fresh air for a new day.
Here comes the sun.
The sun rises in the east and we were greeting the first rays of sunshine for the day on our beautiful island.
Others were also out enjoying this beautiful early morning....a group of folks on a Fund Raising Walk were fervently walking to get to their intended destination before the sun got too hot.
Somehow these pretty plants are doing well in the harsh salty air.

Despite the sargassum seaweed it was still so beautiful.
Soon it was time to say goodbye.
We had decided that we would take the 10am bus to Speightstown and then make our way home from there.

As we waited at the bus stop, the kids were preparing the grass patch ready for a game of cricket. They took turns in pushing the heavy grass roller.
With such a lovely backdrop I would have been hitting all sixes and making many runs during that game.

Suddenly a feeble looking beggar approached me for some change which I willingly gave him.
In an instant he was off running and hurriedly ran back to the shop where I presumed he would buy something to eat.  Others waiting at the bus stop informed me that he may have been hungry but not for food....if I had only known.
I just can't get enough of this view....wish I didn't have to leave it behind.

Leaving our home away from home and our lovely host Gene Marva behind made us a bit sad.
It was such an incredible relaxing weekend, and it had went by so quickly.
One thing I know for sure.........
We will be back!!!

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Bathsheba - A Relaxing Weekend Part 4 - the Soup Bowl

Wow after such a tasty lunch and our long morning stroll, we had to take an afternoon siesta to restore our energy for our afternoon trek.
After walking to the top of the hill which takes you to the Soup Bowl that morning, we decided to walk to the Soup Bowl that afternoon.

 Leaving the apartment we once again walked down the hill passing this outcrop of landscaped rock.
I would have loved to climb it but my girlfriend didn't think I should attempt it....I decided to listen to her.
 We passed the famous Bathsheba Mushroom Rock.
 More lovely beach views
 Soon we were at the top of the hill and on our way to visit the Soup Bowl - the surfer's dream spot.
On our way down the hill to the Soup Bowl.
 Bathsheba Cottage
Our first glimpse of the Soup Bowl.
I know you are wondering what is this Soup Bowl I am talking about. 
Soup Bowl is the name given to the infamous surfing spot at Bathsheba....our island's claim to wave fame.
Barbados, as I have mentioned before is the outermost island in the Caribbean island chain. 
This idyllic position means that waves traveling thousands of miles across the open Atlantic Ocean finally unload all their power generated during their long unobstructed journey....breaking on the coral reefs of the east coast....Bathsheba is that ideal spot.
These long traveled waves pick up the groundswells and a good amount of trade wind swell and crash on to the east coast of the island.
Unlike our sister islands, Barbados has surf  all year long, peaking from November through June.
Soup Bowl is the crown jewel of all surfing on the island and is the ideal spot for experienced surfers....local and visitors alike.
The wave at the Soup Bowl is a sweet surfing wave....it holds huge perfect waves that break hard and perfect over the shallow reef and has been featured in countless surf films.
Soup Bowl is the major surfing spot on the island and hosts regular local and international surfing competitions.  
Kelly Slater a world champion surfer has called it one of his favorite waves. 
“ I've been going for over 20 years, and I’d put Soup Bowl as one of the top three waves in the world,” 
“It’s got a really good curve and allows all sorts of maneuvers and airs."  
 The Soup Bowl delivers!!! 
 More red flags posted on the beach but the surfers at the Soup Bowl don't seem to pay them any attention.
They love the thrill of conquering those raw unkempt waves.

A surfer's paradise.
Steady big rollers cruising in from the open Atlantic Ocean.
Now for some surfer's talk:  "Best on an incoming medium tide with a North swell, this reefy break can get crowded on good days. Paddle out during smaller waves or less than ideal conditions and you can find some fun, peaky surf almost all to yourself. Soup Bowl is known to change quickly from blown out to glassy at anytime of day".

Round House
Oceanfront Inn and Restaurant overlooks the Soup Bowl

Soup Bowl waves

Climbing this hill would have taken us to Edgewater Hotel but we decided to turn back as it was getting late.

Soup Bowl waves in all their glory

Waves for seasoned surfers.

The neighbourhood is filled with many guest houses and local residences.

Leaving Soup Bowl behind.
Headed back along the coast to our apartment.
The sun was retiring for the day.

The beach was littered with lovely pebbles and gorgeous coral stones

We collected a few treasures as we walked along the shore.

And so ended another day of soul renewal.

Soup Bowl live cam here.
Surf Forecast information can be obtained here.

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