Thursday, 30 November 2017

Happy Independence Day 2017

Well another Independence Day is almost over as I sit here trying to reacquaint myself with writing a blog post on my mostly neglected blog.

One of my New Year resolutions was to nurture my blog with some serious love this year, but I have fallen short of my true intentions.
 Life sure does get in the way sometimes.

Independence is not a real Independence without our local Conkie delicacy.
The neighbourhood supermarket had a display table with Conkie ingredients that got me in the mood.

I made my Conkies early this year, actually last month to be exact because Nat's cousin was visiting and I wanted to make sure that she enjoyed a homemade treat.
This year the banana leaves were in short supply after some very gusty winds that we had knocking around from the weather conditions in our hurricane season.
I decided to go ahead and use plantain leaves instead.  They worked okay but I think I prefer banana leaves.
After a three hour steaming in my large conkie pot, they were cooling on the table.
The man of the house was waiting patiently.

"Are they cooled yet?????"

Finally ready to eat...deliciousness on a plate....yum yum.
So very very GOOD!!!
Happy Independence Y'All!!!

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