Wednesday, 22 March 2017

My poor Beast

My dear old Beast was in poor health.
Trying to oblige my desires each morning as I started him up, he would splutter and wretch.
Umpteen times I turned the ignition and he would make an effort but then he would give up... after several tries he would finally give another sluggish attempt to engage and then spring to life.
I knew it was time for a service.
I had been working him so hard recently.
Fetching and carrying heavy loads and I really had not been taking the time to care and nurture my poor baby.
Called up my friendly mechanic Frank to schedule a service.
I decided too that I would book my poor baby for an under body chassis and engine wash since we still had not found the transmission leak even after changing the seal and hoses.
 The guy I previously used for the under body wash service had gone out of business so another car care place was recommended.
I went by to check it out (can't take my beloved to any old place you know) and I was pleased with what I saw.
"Do I need to make an appointment?" I asked the pressure washer guy who was busy cleaning under a huge truck on the hoist.
"No Miss, just come by early and it's first come, first served. We open at 7.30am" came the reply.
The following day Beast and I arrived extra early.  I paid for the service inside the office with a very pleasant young lady and then headed outside to wait my turn.

 Even though my poor boy continued to give a hard start in the mornings, I was always amazed at his "ready to go" attitude.  Once he did get started he drove smoothly on our many pot-holed roads of late.
Frank was still backed up and couldn't schedule Beast for a service immediately as I'd we waited.
One day I begged him to come by to see if he could figure out the problem.
This he did.  He jumped in the driver's seat, pressed the gas pedal twice, turned the ignition and presto Beast sprang to life immediately!!
"Well Vee, you've got an old boy now so the automatic choke is will now have to do the job of the choke from now on.  Before turning the ignition, give Beast a little gas and then switch on and he should be good to go," Frank advised.
All I heard out of that is that I now have an old boy....which me as an old girl will have to look after even more (not that I mind) dear old Beast.
I thanked Frank, and he left promising me that he will fit us in early the following week for a service.
Daughter dear was a bit concerned, "Don't you want something newer to drive Mum?" she asked.
"No thanks," I told her.  "Beast has been so loyal to me over the years....has never broken down on the road....always brings me back home and then shows up the problem....brings me back with flat tyres that miraculously show up the following day before I set off from home....I know what I have now, but I don't know what I will get.  Hope you don't think of getting rid of me too because I'm getting old too."
"No MOTHER!!! Of course not!!" she cried.
Finally service day rolled around.
Beast has had his service and all is well.
We will continue to grow old together....all is well that ends well.


  1. I know the feeling Vee. My Nighthawk is 13 in a few months and still has the original exhaust/muffler system. I've been considering a new vehicle recently but the nearer I got to changing the more I realised I really would miss the Nighthawk so we are staying together a while longer. Good luck with your old boy.

    1. My old boy will stay with me until.....
      As long as I can get the parts for him and I have a honest mechanic, then we are good to go for many more years.
      I have realised that the older models seem to perform way way better than the new and improved vehicles that are being sold these days. They have lots of bells and whistles but I don't need all that fluff.
      The thing is is that my model is a hardy vehicle and many guys who race and participate in offroad racing constantly stop me on the street to ask me if I'm selling my dear old Beast.
      No sale!!!
      I too am wishing you good luck and many more years with your treasured friend...The Nighthawk.

  2. It a case of "they don't make 'em like they used to " I think. May the beast continue for many years to come.

    1. Thanks Ros, you are so right, they just don't make them like before.
      Beast continues to spring to life every morning and off we go on more adventures just like Bonnie and Clyde.


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