Sunday, 24 September 2017

Benedict "Ben"

After donating to the hurricane relief efforts for our Caribbean brothers and sisters in Dominica on Wednesday, the following day was the animals turn.
 Another post in my Barbados Weather Watchers (Reloaded) FB group peaked my interest:
Having responded with food aid to the stricken animals of Dominica in 2015 after the passing of the Tropical Storm Ericka, we find ourselves once again preparing to send food aid urgently.
Here is how you can help the survivors!
We are appealing for donations to purchase Dog, chicken and livestock food from Roberts Manufacturing and Cat food from Atlantic Marketing.
Funds can be brought directly to our office on Spring Garden Highway.
An awesome THANK YOU to Harris Paints for once again for allocating space on their container for animal aid. They are set to ship out in two days.
Thank you to Roberts Manufacturing for working overtime to produce food for this shipment.
Thank you to Atlantic Marketing for allocating, packing and moving pallets of cat food to the shipment point.
Thank you!"

My RSPCA family had arranged with a local paint manufacturer to deliver food for the animals in need on the island of hurricane ravaged Dominica.
I popped into the RSPCA to drop off some funds for the cause.

I decided I would visit with "Ben."
I first met Ben here.
There was some discussion initially on what his name should be and many names were thrown around by RSPCA FB followers, but it was decided that his name would be Benedict which means Blessed..."Ben" for short.
When I see the cruelty that fellow humans inflict on poor defenseless animals, I lose hope in humanity.
But then the next update warmed my heart.

He immediately had an outpouring of love....

Today when I met him in person, he was a real charmer....a gentleman... a sweet loving soul.
 He came out to say "hello" and immediately walked over to a grassy spot to christen the area.

Taking care of business.

 Checking for another spot to christen.

Blessed Ben!! 
He is coming along well....he enjoyed having his head rubbed and nuzzling up to me for more cuddles.
 What a handsome fellow!!!
For an animal that has endured such cruelty it's amazing that he has learned to trust and give love again so quickly....all thanks to the never ending love and care of the RSPCA staff.

I will be back soon to visit you Ben...promise.

You know who was very jealous when he detected the scent of another male canine on me when I got back home....I assured the brown dog with the black nose that I loved him more than ever and that there was nothing for him to worry about.....he was good after that.


  1. What terrible devastation there has been and the effects, so widespread and long lasting. Ben must be very happy to have his visits. Thinking of you and all in the Caribbean.

    1. Thanks for your kind thoughts Marisa...hope you and your bow wows are all well.

  2. Virginia - So pleased to hear your area has come through all the hurricanes. When we get the news here they are a bit sketchy on exact location so I was really worried for you and Brownie. It is wonderful though how tragedy can bring out the best in so many people.
    I'm sure Mr Brown wouldn't mind sharing you with Ben (for a while). He knows he's your favourite.

    1. Hiya Ros, thank you for your kind concern for us here. Every year we prepare for the hurricane season but it seems this year has been a busy and destructive one. We still have two months to go before the season ends....let's hope it doesn't get any worse.
      Brownie is very protective but I think if I visit Ben for short visits only that he will be okay with that.
      Hope you and John and Missy are doing well.

  3. I suppose that we tend to concentrate on the human tragedy but, of course, the tragedy affects every creature to a greater or lesser degree.

  4. Your blog is uplifting. I watched to see what would happen to Barbados, but comparatively, you seem (so far) to be in good shape.

    What human beings do to other creatures is beyond comprehension; I have come to believe that while we may be, in some opinions, at the top of the intelligence scale, too many of us severely lack compassion. More and more, I believe compassion is to be valued more highly. Thank you for playing with Ben, who deserves so much kindness.

  5. "For an animal that has endured such cruelty it's amazing that he has learned to trust and give love again so quickly..." So true, Virginia. A real tribute to those concerned.


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