Monday, 24 September 2018

Bathsheba - A Relaxing Weekend Part 5 - Our Last Day

May 1st...May Day bank holiday...and here I was saying goodbye to home for the last three days.
We had to take one last long morning stroll.

The early light of dawn was waking up the seashore for a new day.
Wake up's a new day.
Another day of life....another day to be truly thankful for.
New clouds for a new day
New bracing breezes and fresh air for a new day.
Here comes the sun.
The sun rises in the east and we were greeting the first rays of sunshine for the day on our beautiful island.
Others were also out enjoying this beautiful early morning....a group of folks on a Fund Raising Walk were fervently walking to get to their intended destination before the sun got too hot.
Somehow these pretty plants are doing well in the harsh salty air.

Despite the sargassum seaweed it was still so beautiful.
Soon it was time to say goodbye.
We had decided that we would take the 10am bus to Speightstown and then make our way home from there.

As we waited at the bus stop, the kids were preparing the grass patch ready for a game of cricket. They took turns in pushing the heavy grass roller.
With such a lovely backdrop I would have been hitting all sixes and making many runs during that game.

Suddenly a feeble looking beggar approached me for some change which I willingly gave him.
In an instant he was off running and hurriedly ran back to the shop where I presumed he would buy something to eat.  Others waiting at the bus stop informed me that he may have been hungry but not for food....if I had only known.
I just can't get enough of this view....wish I didn't have to leave it behind.

Leaving our home away from home and our lovely host Gene Marva behind made us a bit sad.
It was such an incredible relaxing weekend, and it had went by so quickly.
One thing I know for sure.........
We will be back!!!

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