Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Happy New Year 2018!!!

 Image from Pixabay.com
"The Waves
Like the years
Keep rolling in
And on.
The Wind
On the water
Like time on life
Pushes to the shore
To the point
From which 
I dive
Into another one

Happy here I come "
Penned by Andrew Bynoe, a local supermarket owner

Wow, I can't believe it's a brand new year already....can you?   Where did 2017 go?
It went quickly by in a  blur for me.
So much stuff I had on my plate to accomplish....some was done and some was not.
I am looking forward to this new year with loaded anticipation, a renewed spirit and an optimistic outlook for the future.
Another year to make things right with the world.....our world....our home.
Let us be kind to one another and look for the best in others.
Continue to bring happiness into the lives of others and do the right thing.
Always be thankful for there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for.....ALWAYS.....no matter how small.
Another year of life....be thankful for the blessings.

And so I dive into another year accompanied by my sidekick BrownBerts...I expect great things.
Happy New Year!!!


  1. I agree. However much the world pushes against you there is always room to play The Glad Game or Be Thankful. I hope that you have lots and lots to be thankful for in 2018.

    1. I hope that you will also have lots and lots to be thankful for this year.
      We will all hang on together.

  2. Replies
    1. Happy New Year Monica!
      Wishing you the best of everything for 2018.

  3. Also retired and living on the small island of Manhattan. Not sure where 2017 went but hopeful at all that lies ahead. Happy new year!

    1. Hello Carol Z, thanks for dropping by.
      Happy New Year to you and yours...hope it brings you everything good.
      I'm like you....wondering where 2017 went to...went by in a blur.
      "Small island of Manhattan"....love it.


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