Friday, 29 June 2012

My how time flies!

I can't believe that it's the end of June already, and I have not sat down to get my blog truly started.
To be honest I have been reading so many other blogs that I just did not have the opportunity to sit and figure this blogger stuff out.
Then my special day came, you know that special day, when everyone starts singing very bad renditions of the Happy Birthday song, telling rude jokes about getting old that you have to suffer through for the day.  However my friends and family are very dear to me and I know they all mean well, even if they can't carry a tune to save their lives. Some of them were so BAD at singing the Happy Birthday song, that they gave their own  a cappella version of Stevie Wonder's "Happy Birthday to yuh." I am very thankful to have reached this milestone in my life (yes, past the half century mark), and very grateful to be surrounded by caring and loving folks.
Not only that but I started taking photos with my new that would accompany my new blog posts, only to discover that my usb cable to upload the photos to the pc was nowhere to be found.
Living on an island like I do, everything is not always easily accessible, hence I purchased one online, and when it arrived, it was the incorrect one (nothing like what I ordered), so back it went, and then I sat and waited and waited and waited for the arrival of the correct one.
One bright sunny morning (we have been having quite a bit of those recently), I decided to check on the online order, only to find out that it was back ordered (why don't they ever give you this information at the time you place the order?), but should be arriving soon.  Soon?  How soon is soon?
The word "service" is not held in high regard in this day and age.....a sad era we are living in my friends.
After that I decided to place another order with a different company, and  I am more than confident now, that it will arrive "soon."
So here I am, still without the usb cable, and many queries coming my way from folks who are anxious to read my posts (Thanks to GB for his kind comments and concerns).
I will satisfy all of you "soon."


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  2. I commented last night from my bed using my iPad. I made a silly mistake which really didn't matter at all and then couldn't get the iPad (or Google) to take a second comment so gave up until this morning.

    I made the point that I, too, live on an Island (two actually: Lewis and North Island, New Zealand) so understand and share your problem. You sound like a very competent and inventive person to me so I'm sure that you'll sort it all out satisfactorily.

    1. Thanks for your confidence in my ability to solve my problem, and I will. Actually you have inspired me to try something else....after all I've watched every episode of MacGyver, so I am a pro at "riding cow when I don't have horse" (local saying).
      For the record, you could have left your comment with the silly mistake...we are only human after all.
      Hope you're well.


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