Sunday, 1 July 2012

Necessity is the mother of invention

Taking inspiration from a comment left by GB, I decided to get to the bottom of my problem, and try to solve it from a different angle.
I've heard it said that necessity is the mother of invention, and so it is, although in this case not quite an invention but a matter of using what you do have.
And so (*) ......the search began....through my drawers (oh dear not those drawers), but my vanity drawers, whereupon I found my old phone and its usb cable.  Promptly charged it up, and started taking some photos which I then uploaded.
And voila!!!
Even though my special day has come and gone, the gifts continue coming.
Yesterday I received a lovely terra cotta pot from one of my friends at my favourite nurseries. It was nice of him to remember me, but then again, it could be a ploy on his part, because I HAD to get a nice plant to put inside the pot!!

I am very happy with my new gift, but then I look at the remnants of a lovely floral bouquet that I received on my special day, and what was once a perky and vibrant arrangement, has lost its shine.

Is this an indication of what I have to look forward to.....really?   Yet, I can still hold on with tenacity and strong will and go gracefully just like these flowers. They are almost a month old now, and like them I want to age gracefully and forego any cosmetic enhancements.
Even though we are all destined to lose our shine somewhat as we get older, we must never let go of our "joie de vivre."
Surround yourself with happy thoughts, and make every day count.
When you awake each day, think of ways to make others happy and do it. Remember that the smallest kind gesture, if given in the right spirit will work wonders for someone who is having a bad day or maybe at the end of their tether.
(*) Don't tell my university professor that I started a sentence with "And" please.


  1. "Surround yourself with happy thoughts, and make every day count." Just about as good advice for living as any of us are going to receive today.

    I knew that your inventiveness would triumph.

    As for cosmic surgery one of the problems is that you can end up looking out of this world.

    And I won't tell your prof of your grammatical solecism (if you don't tell my friends either). After all I wouldn't want them to know I had an acquaintance who did such things.

    1. GB you are too funny....thanks for making me reach for my trusted dictionary to check on "solecism"...I believe in learning something new everyday, so you have started off my day on the right path.
      I have never been one to get caught up with outward appearances....give me the real deal and I can live with that.
      Many people live their lives behind the erected facades of sad.


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