Thursday, 30 October 2014

After all this time

About two years ago, my girlfriend gave me a few pine cone shampoo gingers which I planted and forgot about.
It was only when she visited my home, and would ask how they were doing that I would remember that they were there.
I always felt so guilty because hers would be blooming all over the place and she'd always comment that mine should be blooming too, especially after we'd had a considerable amount of rainfall.
Well today I was greeted by this wonderful sight in my garden.
Pine cone shampoo ginger
Zingiber zerumbet

The flowers shoot up from ground level and when squeezed a lovely scented soapy liquid emerges.

I wanted to enjoy their beauty indoors, and in my haste to cut them, I took an unladylike tumble in the garden........ I heard the familiar laughter and then the wind whispered in my ear...."Go on....get on with it."


  1. They are gorgeous. Do they live up to their name? Meaning, can you use the liquid as a shampoo? Hope you didn't hurt yourself! Martine

    1. Virginia, I should have scrolled down to read your previous post. I didn't, sorry. Losing someone you love and has been part of your life is hard, very hard. Please accept my sympathy in these difficult times. I'm sure your daughter will be a great support and comfort to you. Take care. Martine

    2. Hello Martine, the shampoo gingers do have a lovely scented shampoo inside when squeezed...from what I've read online the women in Hawaii use it to wash their cool is that?
      Thank goodness there are no bruises from my fall like the last time.
      Thank you for your kind expression of daughter and I are doing okay for now....and my friends have been extremely supportive.

  2. I currently have a big bruise on my butt from falling backwards over a shrub when I was working in the garden. The indignities we endure in the name of gardening. I just hope no one was around to film it and post it to YouTube. Those gingers are beauties! Plants from friends are such wonderful gifts.

    1. I read your comment and immediately wondered how you know for sure that you have a big bruise on your butt....checking your butt out in the mirror are you?
      Thank goodness I had the presence of mind to hold the secateurs upwards as I was falling if not I may have been pierced on my butt....then we could have compared our prized butt bruises.....LOL.

  3. Sorry to hear about your bruising bump. Glad Game: no broken bones or sprained ankles! Unusual flowers (to me).
    I've just seen your posts Virginia and I'm on my way out for the day so I'll respond to the others later.

    1. Hi GB, I love unusual flowers and I wish that I could grow them all in my garden, but alas that is not to be, maybe a good thing too, since I'm not sure I would have enough room for all of them.
      I'm playing catch up with reading my favourite blogs, and I'm hoping to be up to date again soon.


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