Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Another "after all this time"

The trees in the garden are filled with blooming orchids....some I'd seen before.....

 ....... some nestle on the lower branches......
 ....while others are way overhead......
 ......yikes!!! this beauty caught me by surprise.
I've had this tiny thing for a few years.
Cuddled into the crook of a branch, it had never bloomed after all this time....
It was a "rescue" from the floor of the plant nursery which was being swept on one of my visits.  I brought the poor downtrodden piece of orchid home and gingerly placed it in a sheltered area in the tree, and basically forgot about it until today.
I'm so glad that I saved it.....isn't it a beauty?


  1. It obviously loves living in your tree - just needed a bit of time to settle in, then thought "Hey I better let her know I'm still here." Orchids are generally so plain until they flower and then WOW.

    1. Your are right about the plain orchid leaf foliage and then the WOW of the beautiful flowers.
      I will definitely be giving this little beauty more care and attention.

  2. They are stunning, Virginia. I have definitely got the orchid bug back again, and I just love the pure white one.

    1. Marisa, I always enjoy your beautiful orchid photos (and Tony's) when you post them, and I'm happy to hear that you've got the orchid bug back again....
      I adore all white flowers, and the white orchid is one of my all time favourites.

  3. I once worked with one of the UK's leading orchid enthusiasts but never developed a liking for them. I felt they were too 'stiff and formal'. It's taken me the best part of 50 years to re-asses my feelings and appreciate their beauty.

    1. I've never thought of an orchid as "stiff and formal" but I'm happy that you've finally come around to liking them.
      They are one of the most beautiful flowers in my garden, and I'm on the hunt to find more white varieties to attach to my trees.
      Wish I were as lucky as you to work with a leading orchid enthusiast.


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