Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Another Christmas gone

This Christmas season went by quickly, and I couldn't believe that it was already time to take down the tree.
The stores in the malls and in the city were all beautifully decorated for the season, and it had been my intention to take lots of photos and write a post to highlight them all, but this just did not happen.
Now it was time for the decorations to be taken down.

All the painstaking work that had gone into creating the beautiful store displays would be no more.....until December rolled around again.
 Store displays were being dismantled.

This one caught my eye.
An old Christmas tree being used as a skirt for this store window display....very haute couture......very clever.
If I had my way I would leave this one up for a while longer.

However on Freecycle someone was making a request for all the used Christmas trees because they were having a bonfire...they were willing to pick up the old discarded trees.
The bonfire sounds like fun, and I can well imagine the scent of pine needles as they go up in flames filling the night air.

My tree came down today, the decorations sliding off far more easily than expected....as if excited to be going back into hibernation for another eleven months.
Before we know it, Christmas will be with us again.


  1. Don't feel sad - the Christmas decorations in the stores will be back up before the Halloween candy goes on sale! xoxox

    1. You are right about this....our Independence is November 30th and the stores hardly make any space for Independence merchandise. they usually take a back seat to all the Christmas decor which seems to be appearing earlier and earlier every year.
      Halloween is another US holiday import that is catching on here and is growing bigger every year because there is lots of money to be made with this celebration....the merchants love it!

  2. I was amused by a comment a few days ago by someone who said that there were 363 days until Christmas and some people had their decorations up already.

    1. That is funny...we have folks here that have a ton of energy to get their Christmas lights up, but then they seem to be unable to take them back down...thank goodness they don't continue to illuminate them throughout the year.


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