Friday, 16 January 2015

Sorting with love

Today I decided I should spend some time sorting through more of my dear ex-hubby's personal items.
He was blessed with a lot of creative talent and his hands were always busy creating some new art piece.  Being an avid photographer and artist, there were several beautiful photos and paintings, but today was the day to sort through his many wooden carvings.
While cleaning and sorting the carvings, it was immediately obvious how much love and thought he had put into each one.
To be honest, I remember him spending his free time carving large pieces of various wood and listening to music.  When his old workplace was expanding and adding additional rooms, many of the old mahogany trees on the property were felled, and he was privy to choose whatever trees he wanted before they were carted away.
He had invested in several human anatomy books which he referred to periodically, but mostly he could be found just carving away at some piece of wood with what I imagine was a "photo" in his head.
Most of the time I had no idea what it would be until it was finished, and to say he had a vivid imagination would be putting it lightly.
There were over thirty wood carvings to be sorted and I have highlighted a few of them here.

An Adonis figure.....

....with a snake crawling up his back.

This one I dubbed "The Madonna with the Big Boobies"
...and no, she wasn't modeled after me.

I am an "Allo! Allo!" fan, and I thought the name was appropriate....

This beautiful piece is actually a table base, it carries a round glass top above.
This one reminded me of "The Crucifixion"

Reading two books at a time....a "Double Wealth of Knowledge" gained.
I will spend another day cleaning and polishing them properly and bringing them back to a lovely lustre, then and only then will I invite other family members to come over and choose a memento to cherish.
It will all take time....time that will be filled with precious memories.....memories that I hope will make me smile like today.

In case anyone is wondering about the rock wall in the background, I created the rock facade with a few rock moulds I purchased on EBay years ago. They were made using white cement, sand and fibre was a fun project.


  1. He was a very talented guy! What a treasure to be able to keep his art. :o)

    1. His talent was truly boundless....I will make sure that some of his lovely pieces of art are displayed in my home....we will be surrounded by him.....a tribute to his memory.

  2. Your ex-hubby certainly created some wonderful pieces. Have you got any special spots to place them inside your home? Or are they outside?

    1. I have placed them in my indoor storage room until we decide how best to display them.

  3. As it happens I was wondering about the wall so was grateful for your explanation. As for the sculptures I admire the patience and talent needed to create them (all the more so as I possess neither for such things).

    1. The wall was a project that I enjoyed working on. The moulds were reasonably priced and there is so much more that can be done with them.
      Creative talent I have but the patience that is needed to go along with it is not one of my stronger virtues. I have become more tolerant over the years, but not really that patient, so no wood carving for me.....I will continue to enjoy Steve's handiwork instead.


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