Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Try a little kindness

  Bet you didn't know that I'm smack dab in the middle of another big project.....that's why I haven't had the time to post recently.
Projects involve time and materials, and today I found myself in the city taking care of a few errands and sourcing materials for my project.
I had already completed my business, and was headed back to where I had parked Beast.  The road is one that most pedestrians use to traverse the lower end of the city, and it always seems as if I run into someone I know along this road.  There are a few wayside vendors too ...calmly waiting to tempt passersby with donuts and freshly picked fruit like dunks, sea grapes, cashews etc.
As I walked along, I kept my eyes on the distance I had to walk before I reached the safety of my vehicle....yes it was hot.......the sun was scorching hottt.
The next thing I knew an elderly lady who was walking ahead of me suddenly slipped and fell to the ground.....oh dear she fell quite hard.
In a second I was by her side along with another gentleman, and between us we made sure she was feeling okay, and lifted her back on to her feet.  She did not appear dazed and was very coherent. 
She told us she believed the buckle on her shoe had tripped her up.  I offered to hold her bag while she bent to secure the loose buckle but she said she would make it okay...I didn't blame her, since thieves come in all shapes and fashion.
I told her I would walk behind her for a little way to make sure she was okay...she was okay with that.
We parted ways when I took another side street to where I had parked Beast....I waved goodbye....she seemed okay....I hope she made it home okay.

The entire incident brought Glen Campbell's song to my head, a song I grew up singing as a young girl...."Try a little Kindness."


  1. How lucky that you were there to help the lady who fell. I often think I will make it a point to perform some random act of kindness every day, but then it slowly gets forgotten. It somehow gives you a good feeling doesnt it to know that you have helped someone. I am looking forward to seeing what this new project is that you are working on....

    1. I would like to know that if I fell on the street, someone would rush to my aid, especially as I get older and my joints and bones don't do what they used to do.
      My new project is taking a lot out of me,especially the workmen and their crazy schedules are driving me batty.
      I have resolved to learn a few plumbing techniques so that I can help myself more in the future.

  2. it was nice that you were there to help the lady

    1. You know how to Bajans like to laugh at such things instead of helping, but amazingly I heard no snickers in the crowd.
      I was glad I could help, she was a big lady and when we started to lift her I had to correct my stance to get her back on her feet, if not I would have tumbled on to the ground myself....glad she was okay....I was about to get her some sugar water from the restaurant across the street but she insisted she was okay.
      Hope you're well.

  3. How sad that people would rather laugh than help. You were apparently right where you needed to be when she fell. She's lucky fate put you in her path.

    1. Apparently for some people, to laugh at another persons downfall is part and parcel of their behaviour.
      I was glad I was there to help her.

  4. If I were in trouble you are exactly the sort of person I would want by my side. I would like to think that I would do the very same.

    1. Most of us (Geminians) are kind folk...we just don't know any other way.
      I would reach out a helping hand to you too if you fell.

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