Monday, 22 June 2015

My weekend

Don't know about you, but my weekend was crammed full of activities...there was even one event I couldn't attend...bummer. 
Hope all the fathers had a wonderful day was the first Father's Day without Steve and it felt really strange not being able to pick the phone up and wish him a happy day....daughter dear was feeling a bit down, but she is okay now.
As usual I was invited to the church's Father's Day luncheon which is always lots of fun with great food and an afternoon of entertainment.
 My plate of deliciousness....yes the ham slices are for you know who...I brought them home in a piece of foil paper I had stored in my handbag....he was extremely happy to see me when I returned home.

On Saturday I attended a car boot sale which was a tad disappointing, since most of the vendors stalls were filled with clothes.  There were very few vendors with food, plants, books and household items.
I did find a few vegetables to purchase....thank goodness.

I asked a very nice guy if I could take a photo of his stall, and he said yes.
Look at the beautiful paintings on these dried coconut shells....impressive.

The rains have finally started up, and I am so happy that this awful drought will be banished finally.
I have seeds................
..........................and several seedlings to plant...I gave some away to my girlfriend since she was able to get her garden ready a week ago.
I am still working on preparing the side garden and still fighting with the last remaining stand of rogue heliconias.  I can't wait to get them all out so I can plant some beautiful ginger lilies.

I worked so hard in the garden Saturday afternoon...pulling my back in the process, that I wasn't feeling well enough to attend a beach get-together in the evening.  My friends Gay and Naomi have been traveling the world, and were on the island to visit friends and family....I felt bad I didn't get to see them....maybe next time.

I am hoping to get lots of outdoor work done this week....keeping my fingers and toes crossed.


  1. Don't work too hard during the week Virginia. You know what they say about all work and no play.
    Tell Mr Brown he's a lucky dog. I would have eaten the ham myself.

    1. My mum used to say that hard work never killed anyone....I'm enjoying the hard work, since I'm looking forward to my new garden beds.
      Believe me Brownie knows he's a lucky dog...I remind him every so often less he forgets.

  2. Take care of that back now! I know what it is to have a dodgy back and it isn't fun ... believe me. I miss out on a lot of fun (sometimes) simple things (like bowling) because I can't be sure how I will feel the next day. Enjoy your garden and the planting though!

    1. Oh thanks for the warning to be careful with my back Martine...I will certainly heed your advice because sometimes I do tend to overwork myself.
      I love gardening, but as I grow older I'm taking it easier in the garden.

  3. Just catching up. Sorry you missed the beach get-together but glad that your drought is finally over. Take car with your back: they go out so easily!


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