Saturday, 27 June 2015

A flowery day

Wanna guess where I was today???
What did I see???
 Desert Roses in all colours.....

  ....and sizes.
 Double Desert Roses

 Upon my word......

.......I did say all kinds of colours didn't I?


 Crown of thorns


 Wide assortment of succulents
 Vegetable and herb garden.

 Overflowing with wholesome goodness.

 Ground orchids blooming profusely after the few showers that we were blessed with this week.

 I came away with lots of goodies including these delicious looking mangoes.

Have you guessed yet?
That's right.....I paid a visit to my girlfriend Joyce felt like I went to the plant shop and the farmer's market by the time I left.
I know I've mentioned before that she loves to share, and so I came away laden down with good stuff...good stuff I tell you.


  1. Wow. Those desert roses are beautiful - even a double. My attempts at growing them have been disastrous. they seem to grow well for a while and then die. Great vegie patch too.

    1. My girlfriend Joyce has ten green fingers...she is like the plant whisperer.
      Not sure why your desert roses die suddenly...maybe too much water or some kind of fungus in the soil?

  2. Love the flowers! The weather here has been so cold and windy that my garden is weeks behind and I wonder if it will ever recover this year. I've had the opposite problem to your dough too.


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