Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Heyyy, where's my foot?

My friend Ian recently posted a photo of his dog on Face Book sleeping oh so comfortably on his foot.
He noted that his dog just appears from nowhere, drops down on his foot and immediately falls asleep.
Posted back that my boy Brownie does the exact thing.
Here is the proof.

 He just saunters over like, "Heyyy where's my foot?" and then....
He falls asleep immediately. 
My slippers are under there somewhere.
Don't even think about getting up and disturbing him.
He will sleep comfortably there until I budge....wonder what he's dreaming of?


  1. They love to be close to you (preferably touching) don't they? Missy does the same thing when I'm watching TV of an evening - not so much during the day.

    1. Oh well Mr. BrownBerts will lie on my foot day or night....whenever he feels like....he's like that!

  2. Nice to be able to get to sleep "just like that" !

    1. Yes Jenny "just like that!"
      Some nights I can't get to sleep because my brain is not in sleep mode, and he does it so easily, but mind you, he's as alert as ever.


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