Saturday, 7 November 2015

No jaunt day today

Believe it or not today was not a jaunt day for me.
 Cruise ship behemoths docked in the harbour yesterday.
Due to the lack of a good night's rest, I had no urge to leave the house today since my body was so tired.  I know I've been working hard on a few projects around the house, but last night upstairs was a noisy night, due to what was supposed to be "a few friends over" but turned out to be something else.
Never trust young folks when they tell you they're just having "a few friends over" and "we won't be noisy."
Suffice to say that Brownie and I had about an hour and a half of slumber, when around 3.32am I could take it no more and I'm sure my neighbours were about to call the police, I had to get involved.
Overshadowing the surrounding landscape - don't you sometimes wonder how on earth do these monstrosities stay afloat?????
Well after that you would think that I'd be able to fall asleep, but nooooo....guess what, by then it was the time I normally wake up, and so my poor body was ready to get its day started even though it was dead tired.
I started my day as usual with a quick peep around my favourite blogs and then some breakfast and a quick walk outside.
Around 9am I succumbed to the gritty eyes and the tired "drop down" feeling and crashed on my sofa where I picked up another hour of sleep.
 The ships make our Sugar Bond (to the left) look like a miniature child's toy house.
I find it very hard to sleep in the day, so I just continued to lie on the sofa and watched tv....a few reruns of Law & Order.
What a waste of a bright sunny day.


  1. I hate that feeling when you are too tired to o anything, especially on a weekend. I feel robbed of a day. Hope you get a good night's sleep tonight to make up for it.

  2. I'm finally back to my energy potential after a good night's sleep and a bit of rest throughout the day.
    I hate wasting lovely days that I could be spending outdoors enjoying the sun and the scenery.
    Today it's raining cats and dogs so lots of inside work will get done.


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