Thursday, 3 July 2014


You may recall that Mr. BrownBerts was having these itchy back rolling around on the floor episodes....which looked like a different kind of seizure.
After his medication finished on Thursday last week, he was still having a few episodes throughout the day, albeit of minimum duration.
My mind still wasn't convinced that it wasn't something else going on with my boy.
Last Friday night while I sat on the computer finishing off some emails, he started rolling around on his back again.  I watched him carefully, and then I watched him some more, and the more I watched, my brain began to turn over and suddenly I heard that still small voice say to me "Avon Skin So Soft."
Don't know why, but the more I watched him, it seemed that he was really trying to scratch an itch on his back by rolling around vigorously on the floor.
I hadn't used the Avon Skin So Soft in years, but I knew I had it stored in the back of a cupboard.
I found the bottle and squirted a small portion into the palm of my hand and rubbed it over Brownie's hair.  Immediately, yes I said immediately, I saw a small black spot emerge from near his rump. Upon closer inspection I saw that it was a flea. It was rather fat too. Grabbed it quickly and killed it.
Brownie settled down comfortably for the remainder of the night and slept peacefully.

The following day, I gave him a bath with a good scrubbing of dish soap and to my amazement three more fleas were found.  I couldn't believe it.  I had seen no sign of them at all.  I brush him sometimes twice a day, how on earth did they evade any detection?
Reading around on the internet, I found that others were using the Skin So Soft on their animals as well to keep away not only fleas but flies and other annoying biting creatures as well.
One lady was using it on her horse's tail to keep away the flies.
There was also a formula which I will share with you.
1 cup Skin So Soft
1 cup white vinegar
5 cups of water
Mix all together and keep in a spray bottle to use when needed (every week).

I did not mix such a large portion, but I did work the ratio out for a much smaller portion and I substituted Apple Cider Vinegar for the white vinegar as well.

It has worked wonders.
Brownie likes the smell of it, and he is flea-less and his hair is even softer...just like a baby's bottom.

I can't believe Mum is taking a photo of me with this dirty step.
I am not a lover of Frontline and other flea control substances for dogs....made my dogs sick anyway, and why should I have to wear gloves to apply a product that is going straight on to my dogs...that says a lot in my book.

I am so happy that this problem has now been solved....I was so worried that he might have had to go on medication....oh happy day.
I also used the Demon insecticide to spray around the property so the fleas should be no more....oh happy happy happy day!!!


  1. That's wonderful. The fleas must have been so uncomfortable. It's hard to know what wrong when they can't tell you, isn't it.

    1. I had never seen a flea on him before, but now I will be more vigilant by keeping the property sprayed with insecticide every 6 weeks or so.

  2. I use skin so soft when I am out in the garden to repel mosquitoes - it has to be applied more frequently than the chemical stuff, but it works well. So glad you sorted that out....

    1. I am happy that I remembered the Skin So Soft too, and now that I have retrieved the bottle I will also be using it when I venture into the garden early in the morning or late evening when the mosquitoes are out and about.

  3. Hooray! I'm so glad he's better! I have to use Frontline because we have so many ticks that carry Lyme's disease. But I'm glad to have this recipe for other bugs, especially the ones that bite us!

    1. You may use the Skin So Soft by itself if you're using it for yourself.
      Frontline would always make my dogs violently ill, so I had to find other methods of controlling the ticks.....I have not seen a tick in years.
      I use Demon to spray the property and it works very well. I had run out of it and so I did not get to spray around like I normally would especially in the heat and the drought when it's crucial to do so.
      I now have enough to last me for a while.

  4. Avon's Skin So Soft is supposed to repel midges too but whilst it may stop them biting it certainly doesn't stop them from being a real pest. I'm so glad that you solved the problem though.

    1. I was actually thinking of you and your midge problem, and wondering whether the Avon Skin So Soft would work for you.


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