Monday, 30 June 2014


 Brownie checking out the veggie/herb  garden.
We finally had a little rain....started about 2.30pm on Friday afternoon and continued throughout the night.....the plants loved did the weeds.
Then yesterday ended up being a rainy day too, but today the sun and the rain fought for dominion over the sky.....not one of the two wanted to throw in the towel...hence we had a mixed day of cloudy weather and some sunshine.
 I love running my weekly errands on Saturdays because they fall in line with my jaunt day schedule.
Throughout last week I received quite a few calls from friends who gave me the details to a few sales that I may have been interested in....thanks guys.
With my summer projects coming on stream from next week, they all knew that I was going to need all kinds of stuff to get the jobs done.
It's been ages since I last purchased a newspaper, and it's always easier to check what's happening online, and even better to peruse the classifieds for sales on my computer screen.
I love when I can save tons of money on my projects, and that is exactly what happened this weekend.
I am as happy as a bug in a rug....paints on special, wooden door on special and painting supplies at a ridiculously low price....boy am I a happy bug.
Next week will be the start of a busy summer maintenance season. Our hurricane season has officially started on June 1st, and from here on in, it's going to be living on the alert for any weather systems and working around the rain and the wind.
 Kale seedlings coming along well.
My gardening buddies and I are all delighted with the rainfall we have had so far.
The grass is beginning to look green again, and many plants that were having a peaceful slumber during the drought are now raising their heads from their dormancy.
Alas, this wave of renewed activity means that I will be cutting grass every two weeks again, and the shrubs will need to be trimmed more regularly.

Oh well, I guess we can't have it all.


  1. It's good that you're getting some rain at last and I'm sure that you secretly love the grass-cutting exercise. I find it quite amusing when people talk of a season starting or ending. I had summer this week for three or four days. The week before was autumn or spring (not sure which) and a few weeks beforehand it had been winter. We get seasons. I just wish we got fewer on them each month/week/day.

    1. Well the few raindrops we had came and went, and now it's back to dry and drought conditions.....of course my water bill reflects this.


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