Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A herby tale

During my kitchen renovations, I found myself so caught up with the work that I fell behind on a few promises made.
One promise was to my neighbour to plant a few herbal pots for her.
In between some painting and caulking the cupboard doors one day, I decided I should make good on my promise, especially since the rains were finally coming in after the long dry spell.
Into the garden I went and dug up some seedlings of all the herbs I had growing there, and walked the few steps over to her house.

She has a lovely downstairs patio where the herb pots will reside.

She loves to cook, and was happy that she will no longer have to buy fresh herbs for her culinary sensations.

I planted some of all kinds of everything so that she will be able to create new dishes with her new discovered herbs.

Klaus wanted to know whatever on earth was going on.
Checking up on the progress of the herbs recently, they have taken off and she has also added a few of her other favourites as well.
Time to plant more new pots.


  1. That's the beauty of herbs isn't it. You don't need much space to grow them.

    1. I was happy that I made her happy....she is so proud of her new herbal pot garden.

  2. I was given a herb planter - with herbs - for my birthday: a very much appreciated present.

    1. That is a lovely and thoughtful gift for someone like you that loves to cook.
      Have you added any new herbs?


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