Thursday, 4 September 2014


For the past few days, Mr. BrownBerts was making some strange mouth movements.  It seemed as if he were trying to get something that was stuck in his mouth out.  Mind you he was still eating like a horse with no problem, and barking quite heartily at whatever needed his attention.
 Earlier last month he had adopted this sucking/licking motion with his tongue and mouth, and for the life of me I could not figure out what was going on with him.
Remember he had been exhibiting this sudden rolling on the floor as if he were trying to get at an itch on his back?  Turns out he did indeed have a flea or two....I never saw any sign of them even though he is brushed every day.
I have said many times before that I don't like putting the harsh chemicals on my bow wows, but in this instance I needed to save his sanity immediately.
I ended up applying a Fipronex Duo Drop On flea/tick treatment recommended by the vet, and would you know it....three fleas surfaced to the top of his coat...after that no more rolling/itchy back.
And to think we had started him on phenobarbital  because his antics seemed like petit seizures.

Nosing around on the internet (whatever did we do without it?) I came across a few articles that caught my interest which led me to a vet visit yesterday...something was definitely going on inside his mouth.  I decided it was time for a check up and a teeth cleaning.
A quick sedative on our arrival at the vet, and I was ushered away to return in another hour.

 Apparently, my boy did have a sore in the upper left side of his mouth and an extra long piece of gum in front of one of his teeth which was taken off. Antibiotics for a week and he should be good as new.

 His smile is intact...


  1. Aw bless him. We have to do a lot of detective work when our pets aren't right don't we, sometimes we just instinctively know by the look they give us that something is wrong. He's lucky having such a caring owner. Once the fleas have gone a few drops of tea tree may help with prevention. I will look at your blog archive to see if I can learn a few things about Barbados. x

    1. Thank you for dropping by and for your lovely comment.
      Thanks for the advice on keeping the fleas at bay, but I had always heard that tea tree oil was toxic for dogs, so I may consider diluting it with some sweet almond oil and placing it around his favourite spots on the patio.
      My blog is filled with lots of info on my island home, just use the Search This Blog feature and you will find lots of interesting sights and places of interest.
      A few searches to try: Holetown Festival, The Garrison, George Washington House, Changing of the Sentry, Bridgetown Market, Holder's Farmers Market ....have fun.

  2. Good thing you persisted Brownie was trying to tell you all along something was wrong. Now he is going to bark at me more when I visit.

    1. We always know when they are trying to tell us something...I'm just glad I was tuned into him.
      I knew the pheno wasn't needed because he continued to vomit everything back up when he took it.
      He has already started to bark more as his mouth feels

    2. Don't worry he knows if he barks at you too much he won't get any more

  3. I hope Mr Brownie is well now - four days after your post.

    1. Mr.BrownBerts seems to be having some sort of petit petit seizure...lasts only seconds...apparently nothing worrying but it's something I have to keep me eye on.


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