Saturday, 20 September 2014

Tooth be told

Yesterday it rained and rained and poured all day long.
It would have been nice to stay indoors, but alas I had an appointment which I had to keep.
I braved the waterlogged roads and the huge raindrops falling from the skies intermixed with thunder and a few streaks of lightning to make sure I kept my appointment.
These appointments are not to be missed, if not you will have to wait for a little while before you can get another one.
Gone are the days when a quick phone call would allow you to pop by for more.
An appointment made a month in advance is a date nurtured on your calendar, a reminder that you are fortunate to have it.
The cozy waiting area in my dentist office
Friendly service awaits through the glass door leading to the surgery
However my appointment this time around was a hurried one made only a couple of days ago when another piece of my tooth came off.  I was put on a cancellation list, and luckily for me someone cancelled their 11am appointment......I was the lucky winner of their time about winning the lottery.
I would have waited any amount of time to see my dentist....she is the most caring and gentle lady with those drills and syringes...... I drift off in total oblivion when she is working with my teeth.
A kindred dog lover and a product of my old alma mater I would not trade her for the world.
My tooth needs a root canal.  In the meanwhile a temporary filling has been applied to my poor tooth.
I will definitely be keeping my upcoming appointments....not a single soul will be fortunate to gain any of them........sorry folks.


  1. Ouch - root canal is not fun but at least you have someone you like and can trust. Such a dentist is worth their weight in gold!

    1. My dentist is an angel, and I trust her implicitly.
      I can assure you that my root canal surgery will be painless, except when it comes to payment!

  2. Oh sorry about the root canal, but glad you could get in so quickly.

    1. The root canal seems to be only solution to save my tooth at this point, so I have to suck it in and get it done.


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