Wednesday, 22 April 2015

I'm still here

Wow, when I wrote my last post I had no idea that my life would be taken over in such a chaotic and hectic way.
Over the past weeks, I have been busy busy busy.....far too busy and tired to even think about writing a blog post, yet I did try to keep up with reading other blogs....emphasis on "try."
The Easter season was a quiet affair, but I did attend a Palm Sunday Recital of "The Messiah" at my church compliments of my girlfriend Sonia, and I did attend early morning mass on Easter Sunday.
This year Good Friday had a different vibe, and I was invited to a breakfast at my girlfriend's house.
Breakfast of epic proportions at my girlfriend "The Mixologist" 's house.
I made homemade cornbread.

On returning home, I received some devastating news, one of my girlfriend's husband had passed the night before. He was one of the most gentlest human beings I have ever known.  We will all miss him terribly.
Daughter dear gave me a lovely Easter bunny cookie on a stick which I shared with you know who.

She has moved into her dad's home, and that's where I have been for the last three weeks working my butt off helping her to get the house whipped into shape.
It was lots of work to be done both on the inside and the outside.
 All kinds of tools available for rent
We rented a chainsaw from a Tool Rental company and trimmed down most of the nuisance shrubs that had grown into tree monstrosities.
 I spent most of my time painting and tiling and taking care of small repairs throughout the house with the help of one my daughter's friends who has been invaluable.
Most days I would work during the morning, then go home for lunch and feed Mr. BrownBerts and return in the afternoon.
On a couple of occasions I did not get home for lunch, and when I asked daughter dear to feed him, Brownie would not eat...guess he was upset that I told him I would be back for lunch and then didn't show up.
On those evenings when I came home I would bring him something special...he loves KFC's popcorn chicken....that he happily wolfed down.

The house is looking much better now and my daughter has settled in well.
There is still a lot more to be done, but these jobs can be tackled in a more leisurely manner.....that means I should be back here with you in Blogland again.


  1. I can sympathise with being so busy and being short of time. I bet you feel a big sense of accomplishment though and I know your daughter would appreciate it.
    Popcorn chicken - doggy gourmet feast. I'm not telling Missy - she'll want some.

    1. Working hard on a project and completing it gives me so much satisfaction, it's a natural high for me.
      I seem to work better when I have a deadline, don't ask me why, I just do.
      BrownBerts is a smart guy, he knows not to pull these "no eating stunts" too often if not I 'll pick up, little does he know I've already got him under my watchful eye.

  2. Well you have been busy but, as you say, it's very rewarding when one achieves things like that.

    1. I know you KNOW the feeling of accomplishment...your recent garden work has also been an inspiration for me.

  3. Missed you, Virginia. Thought you may have been on holidays, but you have been hard at work.


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