Monday, 27 April 2015

A full full Jaunt Day

Saturday, there were so many many many activities happening on the island, that I had to make a careful selection of my jaunt destinations.
These days most businesses seem to have month-end sales, and auctions are being held mostly on Saturdays now too, as well as several flea markets, yard sales and garage sales. 
My list included six places to visit, but as I cruised to each one, I came across more events along the way.
What's a girl to do?
First stop was the US Embassy Yard Sale (sorry no photos)...the employee car park was filled with tents and stalls and open car boots choc-a-bloc with tons of items.  The Embassy staff are rotated every two to three years and it's an opportunity to sell their items before leaving for another post.
When I worked there, the departing families had their individual sales at their residences, but this practice has now been discouraged, and so you can imagine the variety of items available for sale when they all get together in one spot.

Afterwards there was the US Embassy's Auction Sale at their warehouse across the street.  I cruised by to see what they had available....nothing caught my fancy, so I stuck around for a little while just to see what folks were willing to pay for really used items....amazes me every single time.
It's a mental thing to be able to say "I bought this at the US Embassy sale for x dollars" but they don't realise that it can be had elsewhere, sometimes brand new for way less.
I love true wood furniture and so the compressed chipboard veneeer furniture does absolutely nothing for me.
I did love the young articulate lady auctioneer though.

Next stop, my favourite hardware store to check out some items for my next project.  Had a peek at their seedlings in the garden section but even though the corn looked interesting, I was looking for a few extra herbs to add to my herb garden.
Across the street a home decor store was offering a 10% discount to BARP members (Barbados Association of Retired Persons). I skipped across the street with my BARP card, but I didn't see anything I liked.

My next stop was a new (at least for me) Farmer's Market at the Graeme Hall Agricultural Station.
This station houses the Central Agronomic Research Station, Plant Pathology, Pesticide Control Division, Entomology and falls under the Ministry of Agriculture.
It was this station I brought my infected croton cutting to have it examined a while ago.
I love the old mill wall.
A beautiful sunny day

Lovely pottery items

I had a taste sample of the Herbal Jelly and it was pretty good.
The Mango Jam looked very tempting, but I opted instead for fresh vegetables which were priced quite reasonably.

Onward bound to my next stop at The St. Dominic's Roman Catholic Church Fun Day Fair.

This little guy was holding on for dear life.

My last stop was the Barbados Public Workers' Co-operative Credit Union Ltd Members' Market.
By this time I was on the hunt for some hot fish cakes to take home for me and you know who, but none were to be found.
I did a quick wander around and  ran into the Mobile Diabetes Screening Unit and the Mobile Clinic for Breast Health .
 I stepped into the Breast Screening Unit and had my breasts checked....Aokay.
By this time it was getting really late and going past lunchtime for Mr. BrownBerts so I headed on home.  I had to stop on the way to grab a small lunch from a wayside food stall.
Both Brownie and I enjoyed the grilled fish...delish.
And as if that were not enough for one day, I spent the afternoon cutting the lawn and trimming the palms out front....very tired afterwards, but very contented and happy....Oh what a day!!


  1. What a splendid morning. I love mango chutney but I'm not sure about mango jam (I don't really have a sweet tooth).

    1. Mango chutney is a great condiment and I love it too. I would probably try the mango jam on toast and then perhaps in a few recipes.
      I've never known a Geminian that didn't have a sweet are one of a kind GB.

  2. Makes me tired just thinking about doing so much in one day. John and I went to a farmers market on Sunday but I didn't even think to take photos - then I went home for a rest.

    1. Having a full full jaunt day doesn't happen too often, but I enjoy myself so much that I never feel guilty when I sit down to rest afterwards.....although it doesn't always happen that way, especially if I have a chore to do in the afternoon.
      I'm glad that you and John had a good time at the Farmers Market. I know what you mean about the photos though, I get so caught up in everything that is happening around me, that I tend to forget to take photos.

  3. Sounds like a good day! As my husband would say, it's a good thing your girls "were in good hands". :o)

    1. Oh Tammy you made me laugh...your husband is a riot just like you it seems...yes my girls "were in good hands."


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