Thursday, 23 April 2015

Apology accepted

Remember I had a good old Rant a couple of weeks ago about the service I had received while paying a few bills?
The Rant blew up on FaceBook and I was contacted first by a representative of the bill paying company, and then a representative from the store.
Both of the managers were apologetic, and assured me that it would never happen again.
To fill in the blanks in this story, it is necessary to record what happened during this time in a nutshell.
First the Customer Service Reps on duty that day were questioned about the incident and they did not recall the incident. Management then pulled the camera footage and was rewarded with a plain view of what transpired.  The Customer Service Rep in question was given a warning letter and I received a genuine written apology from her.
An apology that I readily accepted.
I was offered a gift from the company but I politely declined, since that was not my intention.
I am happy to know that no one else will be treated the way I was, and that's all that matters.


  1. What a very rewarding outcome for all concerned.

    1. I may even join the Mystery Shoppers program to keep on top of the service level.....everyone complains about the service on the island and it's time that it is reinstated to a standard of excellence.

  2. I hate it when businesses are rude. I'm glad this problem was resolved. :o)

    1. Sometimes the businesses have absolutely no idea why their profit margins are so low...I only shop at certain places because of the excellent customer service...when given the choice where I do business, it makes sense to spend my money at a business who treats me like an important customer.


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