Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas Checkup

Every year around this time, I schedule Mr. Brownbie for a Christmas checkup.
I figure he should be prepared for the season too but in a healthy way.
Recently he started the "licking at the air" syndrome again and I thought that the annoying flap in his mouth was back, so it was definitely time to go see our friendly vet.
It seems now that the vet's office is bigger there are more patients coming in than before.
I know that the vet comes in and makes his rounds finishing around 8.30am so I usually find myself pulling into the car park around this did not work for us.
When we pushed the door to enter we were met with filled chairs and several other dogs awaiting attention.
Brownbie just sat on my lap looking around at all the other dogs with a smug look on his face because he was higher up than they were lying on the floor.
"What's wrong with Brownie today?" the friendly receptionist asked.
"Just his regular Christmas know teeth cleaned, check on the flap in his mouth, ears checked, nails trimmed, anal glands expressed...the usual works."
She laughed and told me to take him down to the interior kennel surgery waiting room area.
"You can pick him up after lunch," she said.
"Call me as soon as he's ready," I said and she replied "Okay."
Took care of a few errands and then came home and finished cutting the grass on the front lawn.
Didn't feel much like eating without him, so I didn't.
When two o'clock appeared on my clock, I could wait no more. I picked the phone up and when the friendly receptionist answered, I asked her if he was ready to come home and she said yes, that she was so busy she didn't have the chance to call me.
"I'll be there in a bit," I told her and hung up the phone.
Jumped into Beast and drove quickly down the street and arrived in less than five minutes.
As soon as I entered, Dr.Huey brought Brownbie up walking groggily on a leash and handed him over to me.
"I believe he belongs to you," he teased.
"Dr. Joyanne cleaned and polished his teeth and she also removed a bad one from the front," he said.
"Oh dear does that mean he will now have a crooked smile?" I asked.
"Probably will help him not to eat so much," he quipped.
I lifted my sweet boy into my arms and told him not to listen to the good old doc...he just loves to tease.
Had a brief chat with the doc sign of the flap, apparently it has decided not to grow back and I'm happy about that.
The "licking at the air" was attributed to the bad tooth.
Apart from that everything else was A-Okay....happy about that too.
I purchased his worm treatment tablet as well, and was advised not to administer it until next week after all the medication was definitely out of his body.
Thanked everyone and as we were leaving I was presented with their calendar for 2016.
As for the patient he is back at home safe and sound.  He spent the afternoon sleeping off the rest of the anesthesia, drinking lots of water, peeing it all back out, eating his food as usual, and barking at my neighbour when he came home.
Daughter Dear called to see how he was doing and when I told her he had lost a tooth, she promised him a false tooth for Christmas!
Brownie seemed okay with that....I just laughed, I don't get between those two.


  1. Glad for you that he was OK. (And I hope he won't miss the tooth too much.) ... I had my own Christmas checkup at the dentist's last week and passed the inspection!

    1. I don't think he would miss any teeth at all...he loves to eat and I don't think a missing tooth would stop him in his tracks where food is concerned.


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