Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Pull Over!!!

The clouds were painted on a backdrop of vivid blue sky.
Today was a beautiful day and I found myself out and about running a few errands.  I am famous for offering my help to my friends and neighbours and today was no exception.
I've been so busy recently cleaning and getting rid of "no longer needed" stuff  as I did my Christmas season cleaning that I haven't had time to blog or anything else either, but I  had promised to drop off a few items to a lady at her workplace and also to source some foreign funds for my elderly was the day.
In between I dropped by to visit a friend on the south coast who is working on a big project. While there he bounced some remodeling ideas around and I was able to give him a few more ideas to help out with his designs.
On my way driving home I noticed the engine oil light on the dashboard lit up. I stopped to purchase a bottle of motor oil and then I pulled into the gas station to purchase some petrol.
The pleasant young lady pumping my gas was so helpful, she even bounded inside the store to get me some foreign currency for my change.
Alas in her excitement to help me out she forgot to input my requested dollar amount in the gas pump and it speedily ran past the amount.  
Guess what.....I panicked...really panicked......not like me at all, and I cried out and blew my horn to attract her attention but she could not hear me.
The man at the next pump seeing me in distress jumped out of his van and stopped the pump and removed it from Beast's tank.....I thanked him.
Where did my senior moment come from?  Why did I not jump out and stop the pump?  Gosh really?
I looked at the gas total and it was almost five times my requested amount....Holy Moly!!!
When the poor girl returned and looked at the gas pump meter she was in shock...I moreso.
Told her not to worry I would honour the total.
She was apologetic but oh so thankful.
I thanked her for her kind help and drove off.
Merging into the oncoming traffic, I hadn't driven very far before a policeman on a bike with lights flashing pulled up beside me and said "Pull Over!!"
I did so, wondering what on earth was the matter.  I had already been pulled over in a police dragnet last week when they were checking for insurance....what now?
"Your gas cap is missing and your tank is open," he said.
"Thank you, I just left the gas station so I will head back there now," I replied.
I dutifully turned Beast around and headed back to the station, where the poor lass was standing with the gas cap in her hand awaiting my return.
We both laughed.
Today could have turned into a complete fiasco, but it all worked out in the end....I am so thankful that it did.
As my dad used to say..."It could have been worse."


  1. My first thought was - Wow you still have service at petrol stations. For a long time ours are all self-service and younger people wouldn't even know that once upon a time you stayed in your car. I miss it though - especially the ones that used to check your oil and some even washed the windshield or checked tyre pressure if you wanted that done. (the good ol' days)

    1. Oh yes, we still have gas attendants here but you can self-serve if you prefer but hardly anyone ever does so.
      You may find the males in particular pumping their own gas or the owners of vans/trucks that like to rock their vehicles back and forth to make sure they get as much gas as they can when filling up.
      My petrol station still cleans your windows and checks oil as well....very friendly staff and that's why I use them whenever I can.

  2. . along with Roz, that is what struck me first - was that you have attendents. Luckily I have an awesome hubby who checks my fluid levels, and evens cleans the car on weekends. so glad things worked out

    1. I guess that's something else I should be thankful for...nice service attendants to pump my gas.
      It's only because I've been so busy recently that I didn't give Beast a check myself...he's good now.

  3. Like your first two commenters it's many years since I saw a serviced petrol station in the UK or New Zealand either. The fact that your day ended so well was probably to do with the saying 'what goes around comes around'. You were just reaping the rewards of the help you give to others.

    1. We do have both kinds of pumps here clearly labeled with Self-Service but hardly anyone pulls up to those pumps....mostly guys.
      We are so accustomed to the service that it would be hard to break the tradition now. I can't imagine being all dressed up and having to get out and pump gas ruining an expensive dress...heaven forbid!
      My neighbour was extremely happy for my help.


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