Thursday, 17 December 2015

Dog bite muh!

Well it finally happened....Brownie bit me.
He didn't mean to do it....I know this deep down in my was just his natural canine reaction to the events.
I have no idea why people do some of the things that they do....they just do.
With all the garbage receptacles in my home, one of my guests thought that they would sit on the patio and throw his chicken bones into the back garden after eating.
Why oh why....the horror of it all!!!
The back garden is Brownie's domain and when he discovered the discarded bones he was in heaven.
I saw him standing and gobbling something, and by the time I ran over to him, he had already gobbled a huge bone down.  I tried to take the second big bone away from him before he gulped it down as well....he growled and snarled at me.
I thought if I could distract him and pull it from his mouth at the same time it would be okay, but it was not.
He was having none of it...he had found a forbidden treasure in the garden and darn if he was going to give it up so my hand came down to pull the bone away, his jaws locked tightly down on my right hand and bit me.
With his nice clean teeth the puncture wounds were sharp and bled immediately.
I saw in his eyes how badly he felt so I left him alone to finish gobble the bone down while I walked around the garden and retrieved all the other discarded bones.
Why are people so nasty with their surroundings?  How on earth do you sit and fling garbage every which way so willy nilly?
I doctored my wounds with hydrogen peroxide and Bengues Balsam....yes the heat burns the toxins tetanus shot needed.
That was one week ago today and the wounds have healed perfectly.
Especially so after they were licked profusely by Mr. Brownby.

In case you're wondering "Dog bite muh!" is one of our colourful Bajan expressions which has a meaning akin to "What the heck?"


  1. I'm sure he didn't mean it and regretted it straight away. Glad your hand is healed and lucky Browmie had no ill effects from the chicken bones too. I'd feel like growling loudly at the grub who through them into the garden though.

    1. I was so relieved that he was okay after the second day....I had a friend that lost her dog due to a chicken bone puncturing the lung on its way down and that had me so worried for him.
      Growling loudly would not have been my way of handling that're too kind. Let's just say the grub is VERY lucky that Brownie is okay.

  2. Surely everyone (apart from Mr B obviously) know just how bad chicken bones are for animals. Except, presumably, chickens would would be rather disadvantaged without them.

    1. Mr. B loves KFC as you may remember, so bones from that recipe would have been manna from above for him.


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