Saturday, 24 September 2016


 Wolfgang "Ted" Maritsch
1966 - 2016
I met "Ted" many years ago through my friend Frank.
"Heyyy you have to meet my friend Ted," he'd said, and so it was that not only me but everyone in our circle of friends met the infamous Ted.
Frank claimed he had christened Wolfgang as "Ted" because he looked like a "Ted."
Ted was Austrian (originally from Oberndorf bei Salzburg) but he had made his home in Barbados when his family migrated to the island years ago.
He was a breath of fresh and calm with a sense of humour that made you feel as if you'd known him for a long time.....we welcomed him with open hearts and he fitted into our crazy group instantly.
I became "Werginia.....that's how Ted pronounced my name....a remnant from his Austrian roots....I liked it....the only thing about that was that everyone in the group started calling me "Werginia" too.
Our friendly get-togethers were such happy occasions and one of them sticks out in my mind.
Ted's family lived on the beach and one evening we were hanging out at his home.  We lit a bonfire on the beach and roasted some breadfruit and fish....a local Bajan ritual.
Ted's dog (for the life of me I can't remember his name, but it was something funny) wanting to get into the action "nosed out" a crab from its hiding hole in the sand, and then that dog (I kid you not) held that crab in its mouth and sauntered over to the bonfire and dropped the crab into the fire to be cooked, as if to say "Hey, that one's for me!!"  We all laughed, but Ted pointed out that his dog caught crabs all the time.
We had good times, lots of good times.
At his Service of Thanksgiving yesterday afternoon, we were serenaded with many inspirational songs but it was still hard not to feel sad.
As the words "I make my journey through eternity" from Immortality lingered in my mind, I left the Chapel in a pensive mood.
Outside after the service as I stood waiting in the bright sunlight a large firefly landed on my shoulder.  I was startled.  "What the heck," I said to myself, "what's a firefly doing out in this bright sunshine?" but I cooly brushed it off where it landed on the ground unharmed..  I kept my eye on it for some time, and then I looked away for a brief second, when I looked again it was gone.
My friend Ted knew I didn't like bugs...I laughed, Okay I thought, you get the last laugh Ted.
So long for now my friend Ted, my Manchester United loving Ted, my lover of the outdoors Ted, my hearty laughter Ted, my friend who teased me Ted, my "Werginia" Ted.....I know we'll meet again.


  1. We're getting to 'that stage' of life I guess. It's good that you have such wonderful memories though.

    1. Yes I guess I'm at "that stage" in my life now where I start to lose my friends. What I don't understand is why it's all the males that are leaving us girls behind.
      Did they grow tired looking out for us or did they make us strong to be able to live on without them?
      I have another friend's funeral again this week.
      My deaths come in 3's so this cycle is now complete until it starts again.


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