Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Phew!!! I'm back!! or rather We're back!!

Brownie with a paper napkin tearing it to shreds.

What a crazy, hectic, hard-working, energy-draining, HOTT summer it has been.
I am emotionally drained as well. 
So much has happened.  I don't even know where to start.
As you know my friend Carl came home to spend a few months.  He spent a few days here with me and then off he went to spend time with his family.  Brownie enjoyed having him here immensely because that clever dog ended up having two sets of breakfasts every morning and lots of snacks too.
The weather was brutal (and still is) with the heat index just staying at HOTT HOTT HOTT.
As soon as the sun rises, its rays sting the body....yes I said sting.  As we are prone to saying here "The sun was stinging."
The shade provided no respite...the heat was still unbearable.
Even after 5pm the sun still shone with a wicked heat "out of this world." This means that the garden suffered, especially since we are still under water restrictions.
I lost quite a few plants and most of my grass on my front lawn.  A large area has been replanted and it's hard for the grass to spread quickly in this heat but like me it soldiers on. 
Brownie is still keeping watch over his dominion and me too.
Brazen and crew have two more babies in the family and have not lost a beat in this heat...they continue to be full of mischief.
This summer has been a rough summer in many ways.  I've lost two very good friends and now my circle of friends is even smaller.
There was no time for vacation travel either....just too much to be done and the list of To Do's seems to be getting longer every day.
Lots of work made sure that my body was tired at the end of the day.  Most nights I just tumbled into bed and in the blink of an eye I was fast asleep. 
But through it all I am still here.
I will write a few posts highlighting some of my chores...and a few posts about other experiences during this time.
I know a few of you have missed me and sent me kind thoughts wondering if I was okay.
Thanks for the love.
Rest assured that I'm back.
Funny thing....I had to check my password  to get on to Blogger and then reacquaint myself with writing a post.....don't happens to the best of us.


  1. Welcome back Virginia. Yes you were missed. I haven't been posting much lately either though. I'm glad you and Brownie are both OK. We are just heading into summer her but I know what you mean about stinging heat (where the inside of your nose burns when you get into a car that been parked in the sun)

  2. Thanks Ros for welcoming me back into Blogland.
    You have described the heat that I experienced perfectly....really HOTT.
    I hope your summer isn't as HOTT as mine has been.
    Glad that you and John and Missy are well.
    Enjoy your summer.

  3. It's good to see you back, Virginia. Brownie really seems to be enjoying that napkin.

    1. Thanks Stephanie Jo, it's really good to be back.
      Brownie really enjoys tearing paper to bits...I have to be so careful not to let any important papers fall on the floor. He immediately pounces and gets to work. I barely managed to save a receipt the other day when the fan blew it on to the


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