Saturday, 15 April 2017

A special Easter basket delivery

Today was a good day.
A jaunt day to make a special delivery.
I know that you know exactly where I went.
To visit my "family" and deliver a special treat from Brownie to his friends at the RSPCA.
This year I didn't have the urge to bake, so everything was store bought....but still carefully chosen.
A special Easter basket with candy-filled eggs and lots of chocolates. Technically it should have contained more but I sneaked out a few.....ssshhhh don't tell anyone.
A lovely sponge cake from a local supermarket bakery.....couldn't dare sneak a piece out....darn...that's why I like homemade baking.
A tin of butter cookies (Dr. Huey's/the vet) favourite....thank goodness I purchased another tin for the household....if not who knows?

With love and admiration always.
Happy Easter to each and every one of you...The BEST veterinary staff in the world.
THANK YOU for looking after my Brownbie whenever we show up on your doorstep and for taking care of us like family.

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