Thursday, 20 April 2017

The Pawpaw Taste Test

Remember way back when a certain bow wow (who shall remain nameless in this story) was introduced to mango?
Do you remember the way he twisted up his mouth and how he glared at me as if I were crazy to even think I could get him to eat the delicious fruit?
Since then I have been trying to give him some pawpaw fruit, but he was having none of it.

Guess what?
My girlfriend Eureka has a pawpaw tree and the monkeys in her neighbourhood actually allowed her to reap a few....kinda.
She actually managed to rescue one of the precious fruits for me because she hid it between some leaves on the tree.   WHAT??
"What kind of idiotic monkeys you have over there?" I asked her.  "the monkeys up here by me would know how many pawpaws are on the tree before you do.  How come your monkeys so stupidee?"

 "I don't know!" she replied, "but I have this one for you and I have another one hidden in the leaves for me."
I laughed....a full blown hard belly laugh....a laugh at her and her stupidee monkeys.
I brought the "just beginning to ripe" pawpaw home and placed it on the counter to finish its ripening process.
Finally a few days later it was ready to eat.
 I cut the pawpaw open and look what I found inside....nothing....not a single seed to scoop out.
Gosh that was the easiest pawpaw to eat.
I could slice it and scoop it out in spoonfuls......

.....or I could peel the skin right off........

.....cut it into cubes and enjoy it that way too.

Decided to try a small piece with "he who shall remain nameless in this story."
"Try it you may like it." I told him
"Doesn't look or taste like mango Mum," he said...(yes he speaks English too)
"Just try a little piece," I coaxed.
Well what'da you know? The sample piece was gobbled up in a quick second (yes there are seconds and there are quick seconds....this was one of the latter.)
I stared at my empty hand...could it be? Did he really eat it?
I reached for another piece and he gobbled that off too.
From then on, I had to eat fast to keep up with cube for me and one cube for cube for me...another one for him.
Wow what did I just do?  I had created a fruit eating monster.
Robbed myself of a lovely pawpaw breakfast that I had all for myself.
Hey Mum is it all gone?  Can you go and get another one for breakfast tomorrow?
I love was so tasty.....what's it called again?
Oh yes, pawpaw....get me another please!!!

I gave my girlfriend a call to request another one and hear her,
"Girl, those monkeys come and clear the tree...not a one out there now.....they obviously heard you laughing at them."
Guess I won't be laughing at her monkeys anymore.


  1. So funny. Brownie is amazing. I can't imagine Missy eating pawpaw. It was a very nice looking one though.

    1. Brownie thinks he should enjoy a taste of whatever I am eating and I usually oblige him with small pieces.
      Fruit was the only thing he wouldn't eat.
      Now look at him enjoying mango and pawpaw....if he sees me eating something he feels as if he's missing out so I'm happy he is beginning to like fruit.

  2. I didnt think dogs would eat any kind of fruit. Then again Brownie is not just any dog.. The birds get ours, so you have to wait until there is just a hint of colour showing and then bring it inside. I had to cut my one down as it was going over too far into the neighbour, and also got too big. I have some new ones coming up - just have to wait and see which ones are females.

    1. I just caught up on reading your blog and your garden is doing well.
      My pawpaw tree that grew well (seedling I got from the plant swap) and turned out to be a male tree...has some issues but maybe it's the heat...who knows I may eventually cut it down too.
      Brownie the fruit dog!!! Gotta love him!!


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