Tuesday, 13 February 2018

The Logos Hope (2017)

I can't allow this post to be any later. I must write it now.
Back in November (2017), I had a visit from a friend whom I had not seen for a long time.
The Logos Hope Book Ship came a-visiting our shores again after a nine year hiatus.  I couldn't believe it was that long ago.
The Logos Hope Book Ship is the largest floating book fair in the world and usually pays our island a visit when it travels through the Caribbean.
This visit was special...it was nice to see my friend again after so many years.
I love ships and I love books so what better combination than to visit with daughter dear who loves to read as well.
The Logos Hope
The World's Largest Floating Book Fair
“One of the main goals of the Logos Hope is to share knowledge."

The ship was docked at the Shallow Draft Harbour Marina adjacent to the Flour Mill. 
After paying the small entrance fee and heading up the gangway, we were scanned by security personnel and we were on our way.
 A small display at the entrance gave visitors an idea of the accommodations for the 400 crew members from over 60 nationalities.
 A young visitor had the opportunity to captain the "ship".
 A crew member welcoming us aboard and pointing out the ship's features and safety rules.
After a short "Welcome Aboard" speech, we entered the book fair.

Where to start????
With over 5000 different titles, there is something for everyone.

 Daughter and I spent quite a while in this area of cook books.

 So many books.....so little time.
Children, Adult, Novels, Academics,Self Help, Spiritual, Health, Gardening, Cooking, Painting, Bibles....you name it...it was there.
 Small toys, bookmarks, key rings, puzzles were all available.

 Shelves were replenished on a continuous basis as the books were chosen by many happy visitors.
 Thousands of books suitable for everyone.
 Books for children of all ages.

Books books books.....we were in heaven.
We chose our selections carefully.
 On our way out we passed several painted displays on the walls.

Soon it was time to say goodbye to my friend once again.
We struggled off the ship with our heavy bags.

Would you believe that over a week later, the ship had to extend its stay because so many Barbadians just kept on going.  I myself wanted to pay another visit but it just wasn't possible...too busy.

A message appeared on Facebook highlighting another wonderful visit to the island.

THANK YOU, BARBADOS! We at Logos Hope appreciates the 34,000+ visitors who took the time to visit us during our time in Bridgetown from the 9th - 19th November. To keep up with our journey, follow us @ Logos Hope on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

I can't wait to see my friend again...hope it's not another nine years this time around.


  1. That is truly amazing! A ship full of books. Wandering the high seas. Were they just English Language books or all different languages?

  2. I imagine that they change the languages of the books depending on which country they are visiting since the travel all over the world.
    The books displayed are always in English here but they do have dictionaries in various languages in the academics section.
    A big ship of books wandering the high seas is a dream come true.


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