Monday, 19 February 2018

My fruit salad dog

Remember when my boy Brownie knew nothing about fruit?
Over the years he has acquired a taste for quite a few fruits just because ....truth be told.....he's greedy.
Whatever he sees me eating, he thinks he should have some and most of the time I oblige except it's something that would harm him and be detrimental to his health.

Remember the mango?

Remember the pawpaw?

Then came the sugar apple....he loved that too and I must write a post when next he and I share some of this delicious fruit.

He wasn't too keen on the soursop since that is definitely an acquired taste and there are some locals who don't like it either, so that's understandable I think.

And now it's water melon.

 Daughter dear brought me a package of watermelon slices from the supermarket.
I love fresh fruit for breakfast...and I love that she was thinking of me when she was out shopping.
I decided to have some for breakfast.
 On the floor I saw a "hungry" starve-out looking dog staring at me with a glare in his eyes.

Decided to give him just a few bits to taste.
 I had no idea I'd be swindled out of my breakfast so quickly.
 How many bits....about seven pieces?

He didn't even take a minute to do a taste test.
Soon seven pieces became 7 more pieces and then 7 more pieces.
The melon pieces were wolfed down in seconds.
Now he's staring at me again with that sad hungry look on his face like a vagrant dog on the street.
I now have a fruit salad dog.
Seems as if I'll have to buy extra fruit to satisfy Mr. Brownbie from now on...sharing mine will not be an option.

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