Sunday, 9 September 2012

Did I do that???

After all the complaining about the rainy weather we had been having, the sun has returned in full force for the last two weeks, and it has been sweltering HOT....TOO HOT.
(Cue music to Kool & The Gang's "Too Hot.")
Couldn't even consider going into the garden after 9am, for even then it was HOT HOT HOT.
Sweat pouring down like a river, totally unbearable........everyone complaining again.
Can't please us weather wise at all.
The plants were suffering terribly, so I decided that I would quench their thirst.
I had just finished watering the garden, when who should come along but Brazen........and off Brownie ran behind him (with his foot still trying to heal properly).
Scrambling all through the freshly watered soil, trying to reach that darn monkey as he ran along the back wall.
When he eventually gave up, he came back inside dejectedly....poor thing.
Usually I would wash off his muddy paws before he comes inside, but this time I was distracted by a phone call, and by the time I was finished, the poor guy had tried to clean his paws, and the floor was a mess.

Did I do that????

Paw prints and clumps of mud.

He looked up at me when he saw me coming, probably thought I was going to admonish him for coming inside all dirty, but I just picked him up, and outside we went to the hose, and washed off the remainder of the mud.
He was very happy for the help, since the mud was caked thickly between his paws, and it was quite a pain to clean them on his own.
I got a thank you lick, and then he jumped up on my leg to have his head rubbed.
Clean dog, clean house, happy me = priceless.


  1. I agree. You can't go mad at a guard dog whose been trying to protect the house.
    We are just heading into our warmer months here so at the moment I'm loving the heat but I can imagine how you're feeling.

  2. I hope you don't experience the kind of heat like we are having this's been "hellish" weather that's for sure.
    Brownie has been hanging out on the patio all day lying between the shade of the plants to keep cool.


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