Friday, 28 September 2012

The adventure begins.....

My day of departure dawned bright and full of sunshine, and I was thankful for that. ...a nice day to travel.
Kissed both daughter dear and Brownie goodbye and prepared  to leave...then guess what?
The workmen whom I had been trying to contact for two weeks, suddenly appeared as I was closing my suitcase to head out the door.  Were they serious??  How do they know to show up at such inopportune times?  Unannounced???  I knew I won't be able to track them down when I returned, so I allowed them to work and left beautiful daughter in charge (that warrants a separate post, don't you think?)

I can never go a-visiting without bearing gifts.  My suitcase was already heavily laden with gifts for my friends, and then another suitcase arrived filled with lots more goodies for my friends.

As I headed out the door, I remembered that one of my dear friends who shall remain nameless simply adores Chicken Barn chicken, a local fast food eatery.

Since daughter dear was overseeing the workmen, another friend offered to give me a ride to the airport.  We stopped off to purchase the famous chicken delicacy before  the lunchtime patrons.  I had pre-ordered , thus it was ready to go as soon as we walked in.

A smooth ride to the airport to meet up with my new friendly airline...JetBlue Airways. Impeccable service, and no rude customer service attendants, a true customer oriented airline.  So glad that they fly to our island now, and I'm not stuck with the "other"  airline.
 Easy check-in, first bag flies free (50lbs), lots of leg room, free snacks and on-board movies, free cable channels and wifi, what more could you ask for??
The flight left at 2.25pm and we arrived at JFK, Kennedy, NY at 7.29pm.
A nice  comfortable trip with a pleasant flight crew.  Captain Ken took us up to 35,000 feet and kept us traveling above the clouds until he brought us down in a smooth landing on the tarmac at JFK.
Smooth processing through Immigration and Customs officials, and next thing I knew, I was standing on  a NYC sidewalk waiting to be picked up.
The Big Apple greeted me with a warm summer night's breeze and a nice temperature.
As I started to take it all in, I heard my friends hailing me. "Vee is over there! Look!! Vee!!"
And so the adventure began.....


  1. Gosh. It almost tempts me to NY! It's a place I've often been tempted by but just never made it. Now getting insurance for the trip would be well nigh impossible. So I'll just have to see it vicariously through the eyes of others.

  2. Oh I wish ever so much that you could see this city just's totally unbelievable. It makes my head spin.


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