Thursday, 27 December 2012

So what is going on?

So what is going on?

I did not have to cook today, since there were lots of delicious leftovers in the fridge.
Why do leftovers often than not, taste so much better than on the first day???

Vegetarian Lasagne, Baked Stuffing, Heavenly roasted herb Chicken, Stir fry medley of broccoli and bora bora beans with carambola chutney and herbs.

My girlfriend who grows her own vegetables and herbs for the farmers market, sent over a large bag of produce, which I shared among my friends.

Brazen is probably off enjoying the holiday season with another troop of monkeys, since I have not seen him for a couple of days.

Brownie has been sleeping inside the house at night, as the temperature is cooler, and invariably it rains as well, giving the patio a good dousing.

Lots of yard work to be never stops does it?

 Garden debris being closely guarded....not a leaf can escape.

But I'm rewarded with a sweet smelling floral display from the Lakeview Jasmine.

Lakeview Jasmine (Murraya paniculata)

The house under construction in the village downhill from mine continues at a steady pace. The first floor has just been cast, and I anticipate the second floor will be completed soon.

 First floor being cast with hydraulic concrete equipment

The  drainage project on the front road has also been completed (finally), and so no longer looks like this.

Still had to run some errands down town. The mobile police command post bus is still stationed in the middle of the city (just in case).

 Life goes on.......


  1. What a feast, Virginia. I agree with you: lots of food tastes better the next day when the flavours seem to develop. It's pretty damp here too at the moment as we had a mid-afternoon storm come through. Love the murraya. We call it Mock Orange here, although I know lots of other plants are known by the same common name. I have a hedge near my front entrance and another plant at the start of the driveway. You are always guaranteed a flush of flowers and that wonderful scent after some good soaking rain!

    1. Hope you did not lose any of your precious plant babies in the storm, and that you did not have too much clean up afterwards.
      I am actually changing up my hedge out front along the garden wall, and I was thinking about using the Lakeview Jasmine, but then I reconsidered, since the scent of the flowers would be too much wafting into my bedroom all at once.

  2. Well after feeding The Family tonight I thought there would be lots left over for me tomorrow but everything disappeared. Chilli con carné (enough for 6) and Thai spice coconut prawns (enough for 4) together with lots of other things all disappeared down 6 throats. Now at 11.30 everyone has gone and the first dishwasher load is on.

    The mobile police command post is there in case of what?

    Night night. Time for bed.

    1. Chilli con carné leftovers?? Did you say leftovers from Chilli con carné??? Never heard of always disappears in one go!
      Even though I can't have prawns, the Thai spice coconut prawns sounds delish.
      At this time of year, lots of shoplifters and pickpockets, bag snatchers, jewelery robbers circulating downtown amongst the throngs of shoppers. It's always easier for the stores to get police aid if they are closer by.

    2. That's exactly what did happen Virginia. It all disappeared but I had thought that the children would be a bit picky about chilli con carné especially as I served it with rice and nachos and not their preferred 'pasta with everything'.

      I hadn't thought of shoplifters and so on: so obvious when you mentioned it.


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