Monday, 24 December 2012

'Twas the day before Christmas

This is the first Christmas that I'm not stressed and trying to get everything done like a crazy person. 
Today I am at home, relaxed, writing my blog post, and sitting here merrily listening to jazz carols, while drinking a glass of apple cider.
I can imagine the total bedlam on the outside. All the stores are filled to capacity with shoppers rushing around doing their last minute shopping.
It's a rainy/cloudy day here on the island. I can hear my neighbours in the rain cutting their lawns. I can actually see someone in the village down the hill from mine completing some painting work on his house.
In the supermarket on Friday, while waiting to check out, an announcement was heard that all the hams had been purchased, and that another delivery would be made around 1pm....never in a million years did I ever think that such a thing could happen. If it's one item that Bajans must have on their Christmas dinner menu is a ham. It's not Christmas without a ham they say. It's probably never Christmas at my house, since I don't eat ham......
There was a cashier with very long nails who was operating her touch screen register with her knuckles...I kid you not...wish I had a photo. In the post office was the supervisor calmly sitting reading a romance novel nonchalantly. The line was long, and I'm sure she could have helped out by at least dispensing the packages that were to be signed for and collected.
One thing I've noticed this year is the lack of Christmas lights adorning the many houses as in years past. I myself have not even put my usual tree up, I have scaled down considerably with only two miniature trees....and no, the photo below is not my miniature tree.
I always have a list of five items that I need (all below $20.00) that my friends may not know about. This is a code between my girlfriends. We all have this list, so that we have a guide for gift giving. This year, all I really need is a new secateurs for my gardening chores.
One of my girlfriends turned up yesterday with some of her homemade Carambola Chutney. She knows I love it on grilled cheese, so it was a perfect gift, and very much appreciated.

Christmas Eve was the day my brother and I would search the house from top to bottom, looking for our presents that our parents had hid from us.  We did this while they were at work of course!  Sometimes we'd find them and open them carefully and take a peek, and place the scotchtape back oh so carefully. It was a real pantomine act to pretend to open them with shouts of glee and feigned surprise on Christmas Day...oh my we should have won Oscars for our performances....we were that good!!
Tonight, I will be attending midnight mass and witnessing the blessing of the Crèche. There will be a vacant seat beside me, but I know for sure that "Mums" will be there in spirit.

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!!


  1. Isn't it wonderful when you get to have a relaxing time at Christmas? Love your Christmas tree corner. It looks so festive. Hope you get those secateurs. I think gardeners are the easiest people to shop for! Enjoy the festive season and have a fabulous New Year.

    1. Bernie, this is the first Christmas that I was able to relax, and you know what, I think that from now on I will take things easy and not work myself into a complete mess.
      Sorry, but that is not my Christmas tree corner. That is a tree in a store where I ventured to pay a bill amidst all the frenzied shoppers. I thought it was a cute display and not overdone like some of the other stores, so I snapped a photo with my phone.

  2. I'm glad that you are having a relaxing time. I'm writing this on Christmas Day. We've had our breakfast and opened our presents and it's now after midday and The Family have gone out for a long walk. I've decided to sit quietly and catch up with Blogland. I'd be better going for a walk but my head feels like it is filled with sawdust: I developed a cold in the night. I shall rest until it's time for some relaxation in the pool before Christmas Dinner around 6pm. I hope that you have a good Christmas Day when it arrives for you.

    1. Relaxed myself stress this`year...yay!
      Sorry that you caught yourself a cold...start working on it, so it doesn't take your body right down.
      Had a wonderful day...fixed Christmas lunch, ate and then relaxed some more by catching up on my blog comments and emails.
      Take care of you.


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