Saturday, 3 August 2013

Auction Sale jaunt

Today being Saturday, I ventured out for one of my weekend jaunts.
I totally forgot that this was the grand finale weekend of our Crop Over season, and that the roads would be utter chaos.
The police were lending a hand to direct the traffic, but the revelers from the Foreday Morning Jam (street party in the wee hours of the morning) were just making their way home at 8.30am after a night of jamming and dancing. Their mud and paint slathered bodies glistened with sweat in the morning heat.
Thousands of revelers in this "Mud Mas' take to the street in a night time mini-carnival, after daubing their bodies with paint and mud, and dance behind music trucks leading the way. I wasn't quick enough to grab a few photos, so I'll borrow one from the internet below.

Foreday Morning Jam revelers

Stuck in "unnecessary traffic", I was directed back up the hill and on to other back roads to avoid all the confusion.
I finally arrived at my destination 45 minutes later, usually a 15 minute drive.
An auction sale where "everything must go".

Here is the website.

It was another morning out for me. I wandered around bumping into friends and having a good chat with everyone, including the auctioneer.
The auction started at 10am as scheduled, and moved along quite quickly.
At one point, a lovely mahogany waste bin came up for sale, and a lady in the crowd shouted "Ten dollars!" to which the auctioneer laughingly answered, "Cuh dear!!"   In other words, she should know better than that.
As the crowd moved into the inner rooms, I sat outside on the verandah admiring the beach scenes, as the hotel sits right on the water's edge.

The catamaran "Stiletto" was loading up for a cruise

The beach was looking quite tempting

Silver Moon I and Silver Moon II
Leading luxury catamaran cruises on the island
The food folks - supply snacks at the auction
It was another hot day, and therefore I sat on the verandah surrounded by great food and great company.
I didn't purchase anything today, I left that for the folks inside who were jostling each other to overpay for items that could be had cheaper elsewhere.


  1. Sounds like you had one of your typical fun days. I'm getting a better idea of just how potential;ly unpleasant your heat is at the moment though.

    1. The heat here can be unbearable sometimes. The hottest month is usually July, but if the heat keeps up like this, we're in for some serious weather systems this hurricane season.


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