Friday, 16 August 2013

National Rum Day

Mount Gay Rum ad to celebrate National Rum Day
Betcha you didn't know that the month of August is National Rum month, or that today is National Rum Day.
No?  Me either.
Now if I were a rum drinker, I would have known that. Or maybe I would be a rum connoisseur, and not need a special day to fulfill my rum craving.
I don't get it that an excuse is actually needed to booze away for a day, or for an entire month for that matter, but to each his/her own.
I wonder how many fetes and cruises are planned for today.
The first time I heard of a Booze Cruise was a few years ago, when I heard my daughter and her friends headed out to sail on a catamaran booze cruise.

As for me, you may already know that I'm not a drinker, I eat my liquor instead. Christmastime finds me making my famous light headed rum cake, and mixing up a good strong batch of Bailey's (made with white rum and not the usual whiskey).

Naturally our local rum producers (Mount Gay Rum in this instance) are celebrating the day in fine style.
For those of you that love rum, celebrate your day, but please don't overdo it.


  1. Well I'm not a rum drinker at all and I certainly din't know that there was a Rum Day. I wonder if Scotland has a Whisky Day. I think not. It would be too restrictive: one day!

    1. Don't be fooled, the island has several rum distilleries, and there are some serious rum connoisseurs on the island. Blindfolded, they can tell if they are drinking whichever rum and I'm sure they don't need a day of recognition for their favourite beverage.
      As for the Whiskey Day, who knows, it may exist.

  2. If the local rum drinkers here find out about your National Rum Day they'll want one of their own. Though I think you're right. They don't need an excuse to indulge.

    Will have to do a bit of reading to catch up - hope you and Brownie have been keeping well and enjoying life.

  3. SSHHHH....I'll be quiet, they won't find out from me.
    Tell Missy that Brownie says Hello and it's good to see her in Blogland again.
    I'm so happy that you're back. Love and health to John.


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