Thursday, 22 August 2013

"The Shop"

On Saturday, while we were out, we thought we'd pop by and check in on another dear friend. Sadly, she was not at home, and our surprise visit was a bust....but not completely.
The surprise was on us.
She had recently finished a project which she'd planned on implementing for some time now.
It was so nice to see it all completed.  Her dream had been realised at last.
"The Shop" that we'd been hearing about for the past few weeks was standing proud and beaming brightly in the morning sunshine.
She loves plants just as much as any other plant enthusiast, but she is "the orchid lady".
Her "shop" is beautiful.  I am so happy for my friend.

"The Shop"

It looks a bit scanty now because loads of plants were sold during our recent Crop Over festival.
Don't worry, her two nurseries with have her stock back up in the blink of an eye.

Spacious and airy inside, it's like a greenhouse extraordinaire

Speaking of those orchids
Seek and ye shall find
Blooms everywhere
This was my favourite

Small white desert rose

Red Mussaenda

These ducks have absolutely nothing to do with the shop.  They belong to her dad.   The last time I visited, he had rabbits, now they're gone, and now he has ducks.  Next time, who knows?  It may be Guinea fowls.
He can never seem to make his mind up.


  1. The pictures are lovely (or is it that the plants are lovely)!

  2. Orchids are beautiful but they die a slow, miserable death at my house. I just don't have the right conditions for them. If I had a plant shop, I'd be my own biggest customer. I'd probably go broke in a minute. :o)

  3. There are some plants that always "Kick up and die" when they come to my house too, no matter how I take care of them. I've learned over the years to admire them from afar.
    Some orchids can be temperamental, but I would imagine a plant would be happy to call your patio or a window sill in your kitchen home.
    Most of my orchids I have secured on my trees in the back garden, they're thriving there quite well.

  4. Love those orchids and the little palms. I hope her Shop is very successful:

    1. Wish you could see the beautiful orchids and plants with your own eyes.
      She is a natural with plants....twelve green thumbs and all that.
      I take all my sick plants to her for nursing care, they all come back to life in her care.

  5. It must be wonderful to be a plant doctor.

    1. Yes, she's loves being "the" plant doctor for her friends, and invariably ends up with lots of adopted plant babies this way.
      If I find that a plant is too temperamental, I don't have the time or patience for its care, so I pass it on to her.

  6. Is this Dawny's shop? Looks beautiful!

    1. Yes, it is Dawny's's lovely isn't it?
      You should pay her a visit soon.


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