Tuesday, 3 September 2013

I want my psyche back

Sometimes, you need to clear your head when you're feeling a bit down and not up to your usual cheery self, or as we say here when you're "offset."  The best way I know how to get my psyche back in shape, is to listen to "my" kind of music, enjoy a lovely dessert, go for a walk along the beach or take a lovely stroll outdoors.

Sometimes, people just make it their business to throw a spoke in your well-greased wheel.
They think because you have a happy spirit that you don't have your own worries to deal with.
You're going along minding your own business and not bothering anyone, when out of the clear blue sky......

....some ignoramus comes along to mess it all up.  The babbling rhetoric that flows from their mouths is unbelievable.
Could one person be so stupid??   YES.  Not care about anyone but themselves?  YES.
It doesn't make any sense to try to show them where they're wrong with their theories (and I use that word loosely here).

You bite your tongue and put up the force field around your ears, and put them on Operation Ignore.  I learned all about Operation Ignore from a girlfriend of mine who works in a high-stressed job.  She has mastered this technique, and it works well in various senseless situations.
You know the saying, "Never argue with a fool, those looking on may not be able to tell the difference," so appropriate in this case.

You let Ignoramus rant and rave until they're exhausted, and until they finally realise that they haven't phased you one bit.

Their words become useless just like the fallen flowers from the trees....
People waste so much energy with such silly folly.  Life is too short to be bitter and angry at the world.  Everyone's lot in life is different. It's what you make of what you've been given that makes it worthwhile.
Heck I have quite a few lemons in my life, but I've learned to make one hell of a good lemonade.

I'm a giver.  It's an inate trait with me. I would give you the last shirt off my back if you needed it.  But please don't take me for a fool.
AND please don't ever try to take my HAPPY away.....you'll lose, and lose big time. 

A stroll around my neighbourhood and a lovely warm slice of freshly baked rum and raisin bread pudding did the trick.  I'm okay again.


  1. So glad you are feeling yourself again. My daily reading from Proverbs today was saying exactly the same thing. When you argue back you simply drag yourself into their rhetoric. Mmm rum and raisin bread and butter pudding sounds good.

    1. I'm back to me again....what Chapter and Verse in Proverbs were you reading?

  2. My saying has always been - Don't argue with idiots because they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience - All means the same.
    You can't keep a good woman down. - another good saying.

    1. You're right...you can't keep a good woman down (not for long anyway).

  3. Sorry to hear that someone has been bugging you but glad that they haven't succeeded in keeping you down.

    1. You already know how I feel about it all GB...if I could create an island colony for all the dishonest, rude, stupid, miserable, murderous people, I would do so. Then we won't have to come into contact with any of them, and they could bestow their awful behaviour on each other.

  4. As I am used to saying when I follow GB - "Ditto".

    I wish I was as clever at ignoring fools and bouncing back - you have my admiration.

    1. Thanks CJ, Operation Ignore takes some getting used to, but it works every time.


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