Friday, 6 September 2013

Must be the music

My daughter does not like "my" kind of music, nor do I care too much for hers.
I remember as a child growing up, I thought my father's music was dull and old time-ish. Guess what I'm listening to now I'm all grown up?
Jazz, Classical and some good old big band music especially when I'm cleaning.  Don't get me wrong, there are a few contemporary artistes that I like, and they'll always have a home in my player.  I also like the cool reggae sounds.
I grew up on Motown hits, and some days when my daughter is singing some song done over as a cover by one of "her favourite artistes" she's always flabbergasted when I can sing along with every word.
"How do you know this song?" she asks.
"Oh that's a song from my older days dear," I reply.
"REALLY?" she asks incredulously.
"YES REALLY!!!" I respond with glee.
"You kids need to write your own music and leave the GOOD music alone." I tell her. 
She's not enthused with my remark at all.
But whether or not she likes my kind of music or not, I've got a new convert.

 Oh my oh my, this is great music!
 Can you turn the bass up just a bit?
Mr. Brown Berts loves my music.  As soon as I fire up the music system, he draws near and makes himself comfortable to enjoy the vibes.
He doesn't like the high pitch screams of Mariah Carey nor the extra loud bass of some recordings, but he'll soon be singing every tune word for word and tapping his paws to the likes of Benny Goodman and Earth Wind & Fire.


  1. I still have a strong preference for much the same kind of music and artists that I've liked ever since my teens. The last CD I bought just recently was recordings by Bob Dylan from 1969-71... "Another Self Portrait" in The Bootleg Series. (No I don't have his every album. But his "New Morning" was one of the very first LP:s I owned.)

    1. In as much as I love all the artistes that I grew up listening to, I still try to give the newer ones a chance. However, most of them seem to be "one hit wonders."

  2. Having lived in Detroit many years I also appreciate the Motown sound. Martha Reeves and the Vandellas were my favorite. There is a set of apartment buildings in Taylor (I think). One of them is named Tim Tam the other is Turn Ons. Remember them?

    1. Emma, I had no idea what Tim Tams or Turn Ons were....had to look them up.
      I am a 60's child, so my music was influenced by my parents, and then my own influences came in the 70's and 80's. Those were the good old days with musical lyrics that had no cursing or derogatory female remarks or slang.

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  4. Musical tastes:where dose one start? Mine alter with mood. I couldn't even begin to define my preferences. However because I listen to virtually no modern pop music and haven't done for several decades I really can't pass an educated opinion. I can, however, say that I have rarely liked that which I have heard. On the other hand some of the rock/jaz/folk songs have been pleasant enough to find their way onto my CD shelves.

    1. I agree that our musical tastes are altered by our moods, but I still like to listen to music within a certain realm of coolness and calmness. No techno pop for me.

  5. I remember getting home from work one day when my son was a teenager and hearing my favourite music coming from the house. He and his mates had discovered my old LPs and were enjoying my old people music (mainly from the 70s). Good music never dates.

    1. What? That must have made you swell up with pride that they were listening to and enjoying your music.
      They found your LPs and actually knew what to do with them....I'm impressed.
      I got rid of my LPs ages ago when I seeked them all out in the CD version. Now I've converted them to mp3 format so I can take them wherever I go.


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