Friday, 27 September 2013

I'm back

I'M BACK!!!!
I returned yesterday afternoon, a tired and "glad to be home" traveler.
News of the ill health of my dearly beloved Brown Berts made me rush to the vet before heading home to a restless sleepless night without him.
There he was in the vet kennel with an IV drip in his foot not looking well at all.  He perked up when he saw me, and tried to look happy, but I could see that he was was trying to fake it.
Apparently he had ingested some kind of poison, and when my daughter realised that he was sick sick sick, she rushed him to the vet for care....thank goodness.
Today I went by with his lunch which he gobbled up in a second, and looked around for more.  He looked so much better today.
There was another dog daddy who came by to visit his dog as well during his lunch break, bearing a flask of hot beef soup.
I am not the only one, I thought to myself.  There are other loving caring souls out there who love animals like I do.
After speaking with the vet, my boy should be able to come home tomorrow.
I really hope so.


  1. So very sorry to read about Brownie Virginia. I hope that he'll be home with you today. Doubtless you'll let us know how he is. Apart from that I do hope that you had a good holiday.

  2. Thanks GB. Brownie is now back at home.
    After his follow up visit on Monday, and he gets the all clear, my mind will be at ease to start posting about my holiday.
    I've got lots of blog reading to catch up on....yours included.
    Thanks for your caring concern.


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